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  1. The letter game

  2. Excellent news for miners. Ucrypto pool

    I hope this is not like the others that runs after
  3. Great Site to gamble Alt-Coins

    I will try this too thanks
  4. Huge Hit Earlier!! 200k to over 20mil

    wow the best day of you, congrats ben.
  5. Primedice #1 200k New Year Giveaway!!

    voted my number: 54
  6. 100k loan return in 2-3 days

    100k loan return in 2-3 days with 5-10% interest.
  7. Loan amount :100k sats Reason : Funds for playing Collateral offered : none Time period for loan : 2 days Date of repayment (31/12/2017) : Amount to be paid back : 110k sats Repayment Address : 39C8Cw4gwgSkB2s5iiZxHpLBHfCejzZYoY
  8. Happy New Years from Primedice!

    Happy new year i hope my username be included
  9. What will happen if btc goes down to $100

    I think it will never happen, maybe other crypto currency but not Bitcoin
  10. 170k loan

    oh ok thanks happy holidays
  11. 170k loan

    can i apply for 100k loan?
  12. ngyn tuloy tuloy na pagtaas nyan imbak na tayo

    coinsph is my choice
  14. Edward's Christmas giveaway!

    Primedice username : trisha22
  15. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, the best sis share your bitcoins to all filipino primedice user syempre bawal multiaccount para hindi doble.