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  1. .005 loan

    What is good collateral to use here for loans?
  2. In my opinion this is the best btc casino ive ever visited. Simple and has so many games, instant deposits and withdrawal with only 10k transaction fee (but the casino covers the rest and always sends with very high transaction fee for all withdrawals) Here is a list of the house edge for the games: House Edge Video Poker - 0.25% Blackjack - 0.4% Roulette - 0.5% Craps - 0.2% Keno - 0.5% Slots - 0.5% Dice - 0.5% I found this site because i was looking for a online craps btc site to play at. This one is perfect, ive won a lot on slots too but i warn you its ez to have too much fun here and get carried away. The only thing though is that the referral program is kinda weak. But other than that its really worth looking into if your tired of the same old sites everyday!. Please if you deposit to the site make sure to add password and 2fa to your account that is already made for you. just write down the url link somewhere. https://bitcoinvideocasino.com/?r=48543419 GL They have btctalk forum topic and twitter to follow as well. They have links to both of those at the bottom of their site.
  3. .005 loan

    No rush but if someone can loan me a bit to play, i can pay you back thursday .006. Have a nice week.
  4. Mail from Blockchain -SCAM?

    Stupidity lol. theres a lot of new scam spam mail like this latley. Its bypassing spam detections in emails because its being spoofed to look like its coming from legit places. Dont trust these, immediatley flag the email as spam. If you use slack dont trust the slackbot it can be used to send phising stuff to everyone. and look legit. Dont trust internet in general lol
  5. Magyks application.

    Im talking about a permanent exclusion option not a temporary one. Its of no help if its not irreversible. As far as i know and heard from others this is not an option even through support. Another point Dev Lacrimas brought up once in chat when i mentioned this was that even with such an option players can just make new accounts. Im not saying self exclusion is a solution to the addiction problem but it is one thing that helps people with this issue help themselves. Is it really that hard to make this option? Or is it just really unwanted and inconvenient for you guys? What all have you guys done in regards to helping addicted gamblers? Surely there must be something i have overlooked or am unaware of because 4+ years is a long time to be staring at your money and not notice the stains of suffering from impulsive choices. Or tears of the helpless in despair because they lost control. Not once? Not even to make a door for these people? I see other new sites that from the start include a self exclusion option, irreversible one because they take into consideration what gambling can lead too with many people. Many poor people gambling to have a chance at a better quality of life, desperation. But anyways i want to respect Magyks post and not get off topic. I would make a new topic but last time i did that it got deleted. Magyk i hope you can make a platform to help, im sure pd would fund it the most they can once they verify or whatver, atleast to make up for their lack of concern of their addicted broken players in the past years...
  6. Magyks application.

    If this were true why do you guys yet to have a self exclusion option on both Primedice and Stake.com ? The simplest and easiest way to help gamblers help themselves be more responsible is still yet to be implemented in the several years of primedice's existence.
  7. Everyone busy at Stake.com?

    Wwell with fuacet down its going to get less busy. Now no incentive
  8. Up to 0.02BTC Giveaway

    Well then someone should lock this topic
  9. Up to 0.02BTC Giveaway

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