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  1. I have low balance now but will still try my luck.. Wooohhh... 13 reds in a row. I guess this strat is risky for low balances like my 9k sats.. but still a good strat. My 9k sats turned 10.5k sats in less than a minute.. will roll some more later. Thanks
  2. I almost tried the strat good thing i read the posts.. goodluck next time you roll..
  3. Well i guess abusers will always be around waiting for giveaways.. but thanks to our mods for always making sure that they are taken care of. I enjoy discussions and giveaways here in the forum but im also hoping that fairness and equality will remain and those abusers be caught and banned..
  4. forum search

    Yeah i tried looking for it yesterday too.. i saw it on mobile view but it doesnt work that time.. and that was raised already on one post. Just dont know if it has been fixed
  5. True.. small win amounts is still an achievement especially if you roll with your own strat. Then share..
  6. True... not only being good in ben but also avoiding simple fights and understanding your man can makw him think twice
  7. Wow.. very fast response.. In my opinion upvote abuse is caused by the giveaway. I myself loves giving upvote to anyone that i find the post helpful to me or interesting.. like in facebook.. i hit like button if i liked the post. So for me its sad if i cant show my gratitude because i have to pay using my bits for an upvote
  8. No. I stll believe that taxes helpd the country's development and helps the poor too. But too much taxation is theft.. i think tax on income is fine but no to taxation on purchases.
  9. Am i unlucky today or what? I have 30k sats and was trying to raise my balance a bit before trying ro hit 11.11 and 14.65 roll.. i started with 1 strat and changed to another since i hit red most of the time.. ended up using 90% win chance strat but still busted my 21k sats.. will probably just sleep this through.. will try to raise my 9k sats left tomorrow.. 😢😢😢
  10. Hold em.. dont know how to play anything else
  11. Nice! Congrats.. more luck to us
  12. That's very lucky.. i always end up busted
  13. Great idea.. i experienced busting balance while cooking
  14. Wow! Did i miss this giveaway? Just saw this one today too.. still having a hard time with the updates..
  15. Goodluck.. sadly i wont be able to watch its 12 midnight here and my kids are already asleep