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  1. When this forum is very strict against multiple account policy, we must obey it
  2. Gal Gadot Is beautiful name
  3. After many years of work, and I've known Micro on bitcointalk over 3 years and yeahh he's deserve it , Wow , CEO for PrimeDice ... I'm wondering that he focus on bitcoin world rather than real life job
  4. It's time to spread your wings to Winnings ! May the God of Luck be with you, today !
  5. Maybe you can try high risk high reward method like Hui ever did Bet 1000 satoshi on 0.01% winning chance
  6. Kasih tau aja kalau 1 btc itu $ 2500 hahaha
  7. Sometimes I can resist myself seeing someone able to win 1000 btc ($ 2,5 million ) With that money, I can reach my ultimate goal very soon ( getting married )
  8. If you want to make quick profit, martiangle 50% are great option If you want to make greater profit, high risk high reward is a great option Just make sure that you're prepare to lose if you want to really serious to start gamble
  9. The problem is I was not dare enough to take the risk and invest bitcoin on earlier year
  10. Rayu cewek dengan bitcoin uda ga zaman lagi rayu pake Rupiah, lol
  11. @MICROyour keyboard so dirty Spend your bit a little bit to clean it up , haha
  12. It's really rare to see a girl also gambling on dice Keep it up !
  13. kalau uda biasa sih pasti lama2 suka jadi adaptasi aja sama tampilan baru
  14. Nice to share your method, it shall be worth for me to try your method Meanwhile , I'm using high risk high reward doesn't make any significant profit anymore