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  1. You should post naturally , not just posting because you want to get paid for a few satoshi
  2. Change of LifeStyle

    Sometimes I need some motivation to minimalize my stomach Hope I learned something from your video
  3. Any Chance of getting bitcoin price low

    After Japanese and South Korea legalize bitcoin, I think it will not happen that bitcoin reach $ 2k usd unless there are negative news about bitcoin in major way
  4. How to prevent yourself from spending bitcoin

    I'm usually hold it as long as possible or you will regret to sell them very soon
  5. Need a Loan - 0.005

    Yeah just send me your PD deposit addy My account still not ready to bet after some loss , lol ( current balance less than 0.005 )
  6. Need a Loan - 0.005

    Btc addy ? If still need it
  7. Most earned in a week

    I'm ever get 0.09 from 1000 sat / bet and I was regret to spend it all , a year ago
  8. Where is your "Dream place" to travel?

    I'm prefer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raja_Ampat_Islands Raja Empat island has a beautiful beach and very clear water !
  9. Your Username

    It's food ! The shape like noodle but in flat shape , you can google it by the way It's made from rice
  10. Your Username

    My name is my favorite local food and I'm usually eat them while playing on dice It's feel amazing
  11. Primedice Strategy No.2

    Simple martiangle and I'm ever tried it until I'm experience 8 loss streak in a row on long run Anyway this martiangle is an easy way to make profit
  12. Bitcoin on Uber

    That's great news because IMO accepting bitcoin will easier for me to do transaction with uber But the fact is , my country still forbid bitcoin usage so UBER accepting at my place still a dream for me
  13. It's nice to see you @Robear I'm imagine if I'm dare to bet like you did, how much money I can spend to help my brother and sister for study
  14. how much you earn on PD ?

    I'm ever got 0.1 but at the end I loss it all due my greed martiangle Anyway it;s great experience to gamble on what I can afford to loss
  15. what was your biggest accidental win

    When I'm play high risk high reward method using 1000 sat / bet and hit 9900 before 400 rolls