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  1. Trading or investment

    Trading is a good idea for that kind of money.. You can easily grow it with proper research and risk taking.
  2. Best Altcoin to Invest In

    Stellar lumens, Ripple.. Dogecoin is showing some rise these days but, can't predict.
  3. I think the recent update made some changes. Now PD wont let you withdraw without deposit. I guess this is true cuz, people who are not deposited, can't tip either.
  4. What you think about btc and eth

    hell with this bubble theory... btc will grow.. https://coinmarketcap.com/ This is a great site to analyse different coins.
  5. Hello everyone

    welcome to the forum bro.. join the conversations and be active.. you'll like it for sure.
  6. Bet

    you can find many strategies here https://forum.primedice.com/forum/gambling-techniques/?id=45 P.S: This is a wrong section to ask this type of questions. Hope you'll check before you post next time.
  7. Nice run today

    thats one great strategy.. This one i'm definitely gonna try.
  8. My breakfast

    I will definitely try this looks like cutlet..
  9. My breakfast

    is it vegetarian or non veg?
  10. Strategy

    just make some profit and run.. i used to get good profit from 1.5x strategy and got busted when i got 12 reds in a row.
  11. I'm from India.. I'm fed up with lot of ignorant fools who flooding facebook with completely nonsense news about btc.
  12. There are lot of news saying Btc is just a bubble it'll be nothing in the future. That's the main reason which pulled me back from investing. Even my family members thought i was doing something illegal when i told them about bitcoin.
  13. I had the same situation.. I keep postponed my investment on bitcoin thinking that it won't grow more.
  14. What makes you roll...

    I roll to make money.. but, now i'm scared to bet thinking of current price rate. lol