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  1. 12 reds on 1.5x (66% win chance) is probable. But, it won't happen too often. But luck is not on my side when i change sides.
  2. lol 12 reds on 1.5x is too too much.. what if i changed side after 6 or 7 reds. Then, the probability of losing the bet is more than being on the same side.
  3. 0.149 in November and Made upto 0.22 then busted all of it with a long red streak on 1.5x payout. (12 reds)
  4. Many more happy returns of the day @Irena
  5. Omg what an idea ??? lol Cafe owner might kick your ass if you are caught..
  6. 📢 Services being Restored

    Good work Support, Admins and Mods. We trust you as we always do.
  7. I've bought 10K ETN on ICO. I think it's enough.. We don't know yet whether mobile mining got any bad effects on your phones life or not. I'm not discouraging you but, you should think about it too.
  8. good luck oleg.. win big..
  9. It's not my thing.. FYI you can improve the mining performance using this application "Electroneum miner booster. Got this from their group talks. I tried it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.codemindedsolutions.optimus.mastercleanener&hl=en
  10. The online Casino history

    From noob to professional gambler, crypto-trader, hodler, Market analyst, researcher. What a transition??... Keep up the good work tin tin. We expect more wise topics from you..
  11. The letter game

  12. lol someone give her a 100% bonus.. Raven don't fall for huge Bonuses
  13. I updated my app it's working fine got upto 15 H/s and within 1 hour i got like 0.02 ETN. I heard the minimum withdrawal is 5 ETN. As i'm not interested in mining i stopped it. But, I've to admit that they have done a great job. New update works fine and no overheating.
  14. Bitcoin price

    I found this on our whatsapp groups and it really seems convincing. I hope if everything goes fine then, we could expect a bullish market soon.. But, always expect the unexpected.