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  1. loan requested .006

    lol leave her let her die peacefully. and RIP sweetpeaches and bananapants .. she's got a thing with fruits
  2. Best Dog Names

    Hachiko that's my favorite dog name
  3. Diet with the seasons

    i'm not a dieter.. I eat whatever i like.. really feel like i need to change that bad habit.. but i can't.
  4. Welcome to the Grind

    That voice <3 <3 thanks for the share @Bojana. Bookmarking this. truly motivational.
  5. Love has no Labels

    nice video vinka.. really enjoyed watching it..
  6. Hi guys im back

    good to have you back.. see you around mate

    right.. i too regret now for not holding btc..
  8. FREE RIPPLE (XRP) New Site

    thankyou.. it's like freebitcoin website. hope it'll pay.
  9. Why I can't login

    wait for 1 hour.. then try login.. it's a common issue. no need to panic. If it is not resolved after 1 hour wait for 1 day. good luck.
  10. 20 billion bets giveaway

    Giveaway for first one to hit roll number 20 after 20 bil bet hit.. minimum bet could be based on the amount of the giveaway.. higher the price then, higher the minimum bet.
  11. Last letter game

  12. What is a Scam site? (GOOD SITE REVIEW)

    i'll try and give you the feedback.. thank you. update: this website offer free mining which is 10 GH/s so, it will take 2 years to get upto the withdrawal limit. unless you gather many referral bonus or purchase more hashpower.
  13. Addiction

    I have an addiction to Clash of clans..
  14. hello !

    hii welcome to the forum... you can find different strategies and almost everything related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies here..
  15. Hi all just joined

    welcome to the forum bro... see you around..