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  1. Fuck it, you tell me what to invest in

    @Edward So what did you end up investing those 10btc in? Made a decent profit I reckon with the surge in price for alot of coins.
  2. Need 100k sat

    Closed upon demand.
  3. Any PD users accepting PAYPAL ?

    You can convert your paypal money to Linden Dollars (second life currency) and convert those Linden Bucks to btc and send them to your wallet, virwox offers that service.
  4. Looking to swap 250 euro worth for bitcoin

    Closing this topic as I figured out I can convert paypal to second Life money (Linden Dollars) and then convert to btc and send them over. Thanks though!
  5. [Seeking] 500k

    Closing this now. Once again @Memek Thanks!
  6. [Seeking] 500k

    @Memek I tipped you 550k back just now. Please confirm you have received so we can close this deal
  7. [Seeking] 500k

    Received. WIll reply once i've returned.
  8. [Seeking] 500k

    Looking for a fast and clean loan, 500k, ill return 550K.
  9. 196 countries

    Going to London again in the X-mas period most likely Now is the time as the Pound is hella cheap compared to euro
  10. Hiya guys, I found 250 euro rotting in my paypal, I'm looking to convert that into btc. It's ok if you cannot supply the whole deal at once. Please state how many satoshi you can offer and how much you would like for it. I'd like you to go first or using the middleman service @Dan Thank you
  11. Carlooch (Chelsea) vs Garlicbread (Man United)

    Chelsea won, so carlooch wins 100k Congratulations. Ive sent out the 100k.
  12. Merge your name with the person above you

  13. Carlooch (Chelsea) vs Garlicbread (Man United)

    Received from both guys a 55k satoshi tip (5k commision each) Will give full amount of 100k satoshi to the winner or 50k satoshi back to both depending on the result of the match
  14. 20 Billion bets Giveaway

    Username: Kristoffff