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  1. Last copied

    Graag P115! Edit: Sorry I used a dutch word
  2. This maintenance is over. Im closing this now.
  3. 196 countries

    So far I've been to 17 Countries in total. Belgium (Home), The Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Denmark Mainly the majority of Western Europe I've been or travelled by. I would love to go to Australia, United States, Japan, Canada, and South Africa. Probably a few more but that are the ones that cross my mind right now. Not really a fan of Asian Food so I don't think I got alot to look out for there, though Japan always intrigued me.
  4. DustinCrazy - Defaulted on Loan

    @Memek DustinBank is online right now, I pmed him you were looking for him.
  5. Someone hijacked my Bitcoins!!!

    First off. Sorry , have you checked you sent to the right adress? Have you checked your outgoing tiplog/withdrawal Also, always set 2Fa security, so nobody can get into your account.
  6. Last letter game

  7. Last letter game

  8. 💙 Cool new feature!

    Alot of friendzoning gonna happen :D, hahaha nice find Kargai. So a red one just means love? Ive seen purple, yellow and green hearts aswell, they also mean something?
  9. Signatures for PrimeDice staff members

    That looks neat! Great job!
  10. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    Username: Kristoffff
  11. If Primedice ICO'd...

    $25 Million, mainly due the brand is more known
  12. Beer for health

    Got any studies about this? I know this topic is rather old, but what, beer is healthy? What's your source of info, I gotta show this to my girlfriend.
  13. 💙 Cool new feature!

    Great extra Dan! You never fail to suprise me with something new 💙
  14. Why did you stay?

    Wanna go out on a date?
  15. Why did you stay?

    I just generally like both sites, rolling on prime, doing some 'thinking' with hi-lo on stake. Why leave such a cool site like primedice, it holds quite a few nice memories for me, tho some bad ones tho (losing xD)