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  1. Why if you say that pd is not fair yo still coming?

    they're just mad after they have busted. they know it's not the game's fault, it's just their luck that ran out. And the next day they're back for more
  2. I'm closing this. This thing is not paying out for sure. Remember guys: If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.
  3. Alt Coins Heading Toward The Wrong Direction

    Any clue why btc goes up but the altcoins don't follow the same direction? I'd like to hear a plausible theory.
  4. Dont Do It at Home!

    Moving this to a more suitable section. Sucks for you buddy, don't bust
  5. 1 minute wait for chat

    I think it is restricted in time, due to potential spam thru PM on forum. @Dan can you enlighten us on this one? Cheers
  6. Johnny make some scene.

    I didn't expect that plottwist in the end Gave me a smile on my face!
  7. 1 minute wait for chat

    You can always use the primedice chatrooms to talk to eachother, no delay there. Or a 3rd party service, such as the Discord Primedice group.
  8. Pre-mined bitcoin

    Miners still mine then for a transaction fee, price will be skyhigh anyway as it's over 100 years from now. I don't think it would plummet, then again I don't know what will happen in 100 years from now. That is a long ass period. 100 years ago there was still world war 1 ,you see.
  9. 1 minute wait for chat

    I don't see how you can read a topic, enter a reply and go to the next and read the topic and post a reply, all in 1 minute. Hell I wouldn't mind if it were 2 minutes per post. Putting the 1 min delay is actually great to get rid of some pesky spammers who come on from time to time, I remember the early days of the forum, we sometimes got flooded with spammers who posted 20 topics in like a minute.
  10. Most Powerful Country

    If friendship is based on that, there isnt a friendship to begin with xD. Everyone can live together perfectly, just wanna get to know the other person. I reckon It's China, USA and Russia, although, Militiary wise, I believe North Korea has a shitload of soldiers, but probably poorly armed.
  11. Just one? I can think of so many. Guy Verhofstadt (sell out to europe) Bart Dewever, (right wing kinda racist neoliberal) Yves Leterme: total fool. http://imgur.com/a/6WP9t in the pic there's all 3 of them. U can guess who is who.
  12. All in opposite side

    just stick to your side, cos you'll see once u switch sides, it'll hit so fast and u wont win anything

    Never had problems with it here, I m on android and on chrome. too poor for iOS