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  1. kleinerwicht

    🏆 Edward's Christmas giveaway!

    username: hansmaulwuff
  2. kleinerwicht

    150k loan

    I'm managing to depo in the next days and you both get payed back. Sorry athena, but i thought we already talked in chat about it. I'm not planning to not pay back. I'm still there, but private trouble is forcing me to make decisions ...
  3. Changing seed only changes your rolls from one unknown future to another unknown future. So why do ppl think that it helps?
  4. kleinerwicht

    150k loan

  5. kleinerwicht

    150k loan

    i agree
  6. kleinerwicht

    150k loan

    Hans here looking for 150k loan will pay back interest 10% per day maximum 10 days
  7. kleinerwicht

    When Do You Stop?

    i don't hear the voice ... so let's continue rolling
  8. kleinerwicht

    Script for Program Mode DiceBot - Fishing At Ten

    you have to use your username and the api-key ... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=dicebot+primedice+api+key
  9. kleinerwicht

    From faucet to 1BTC in a week

    Guys ... look at the date ... this is old ... and nobody won 1 bitcoin ...
  10. 10% interest means that i will pay back 110% of the amount of the loan
  11. ?? What does this mean? You're interested in getting a loan too? Or you are interested in giving me this loan? .__.
  12. kleinerwicht

    🏆 20 Billion bets Giveaway

    username: hansmaulwuff
  13. It's me again, hansmaulwuff as mentioned in the topic: amount 100k or 200k for 48hours payback with 10% interest if i would have collateral, i just would exchange it ...
  14. kleinerwicht

    Script for Program Mode DiceBot - Fishing At Ten

    dicebot uses lua for it's scripts
  15. kleinerwicht

    hans here. looking for a loan 0.005-0.01