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  1. Changing seed only changes your rolls from one unknown future to another unknown future. So why do ppl think that it helps?
  2. 150k loan

  3. 150k loan

    i agree
  4. 150k loan

    Hans here looking for 150k loan will pay back interest 10% per day maximum 10 days
  5. When Do You Stop?

    i don't hear the voice ... so let's continue rolling
  6. Script for Program Mode DiceBot - Fishing At Ten

    you have to use your username and the api-key ... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=dicebot+primedice+api+key
  7. From faucet to 1BTC in a week

    Guys ... look at the date ... this is old ... and nobody won 1 bitcoin ...
  8. 10% interest means that i will pay back 110% of the amount of the loan
  9. ?? What does this mean? You're interested in getting a loan too? Or you are interested in giving me this loan? .__.
  10. 20 Billion bets Giveaway

    username: hansmaulwuff
  11. It's me again, hansmaulwuff as mentioned in the topic: amount 100k or 200k for 48hours payback with 10% interest if i would have collateral, i just would exchange it ...
  12. Script for Program Mode DiceBot - Fishing At Ten

    dicebot uses lua for it's scripts
  13. hans here. looking for a loan 0.005-0.01

  14. hans here. looking for a loan 0.005-0.01

    hey guys, hansmaulwuff here would somebody be nice to me and lend me some 0.005 or 0.01? will pay back with 20% interest within 3 days. contact me in chat or here. Thanks
  15. New SCRIPT for dicebot win 100%

    guys, open your eyes ... the lower screenshots shown in the startpost do NOT show primedice and NOT bitcoin