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  1. haha, but I guess when I recover the account my new account will have been tenured by that time.. okay I will wait, but I hope my account will be recovered..
  2. I've already done it, I posted it in the thread as a proof of ownership. I can give many more proofs if they needed too.. your account also got account @Zoltan
  3. Hey guys, its been awhile that I've been here in primedice, I've been busy being admin on for telegram and zendesk support for other ICO so that is why.. but right now I'm here to ask for a help since my bitcointalk account 'kittwolfe' just got hacked by someone from ukraine.. I've already send some message to there admin and post it to the Meta and still no response. I want to preserved my forum name as kittwolfe here is my post in bitcointalk forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3001813.msg31153188#msg31153188 I've also done some signed message with my eth wallet. if there is someone who has high reputation on bitcointalk, can help me I would be grateful for it. Thanks.
  4. #2 Jackpot Giveaway

    ow, I won?! haha its my first time thanks mate.
  5. Your oldest Primedice memory

    My oldest memory when I was playing Primedice is seeing you @Edward doing the Attendance Tip of 100k satoshi to those who are active in chat and it was my first tip that I've received. I remember that you do the visit at least twice or once a week.
  6. Cash or BTC?

    Bitcoin or Cash doesn't matter on me as long as both have its value. there is one example here that salary are paid in BTC and not cash, as far as I know Moderator and Support of Primedice are paid in BTC. @Kristoffff am I right?
  7. 🏆 Edward's Christmas giveaway!

    Username: KittWolfe Thanks Edward, Happy Holidays !
  8. 🏆 Christmas Support Roll Hunt

    This is a great Giveaway but is the highest prize is only 0.05 btc? I think it is very risky since it requires 1k satoshi min bet. Just an opinion..
  9. Hey mates, found this one on the bitcointalk.org forum, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2513011.0 He's looking for someone to consult to regarding on how to start a Bitcoin Gambling Site and said he is willing to pay for the consultation. I bet someone here is qualified and had been part of a gambling site can help him. Thanks
  10. Do you guys check Bitcoin price everyday?

    I always check btc price time to time but one thing is for sure when it goes down you better ride it so you can make it to the top!
  11. News about Dash cryptocurrency

    Dashcoin is surely one of the sleeping giants, it jumps up higher than eth and zcash. you can see it clearly in the graph.
  12. Fuck it, you tell me what to invest in

    @Edward If you have heard about UTN (Universa Token) this is a good one to look at, it is a very promising token. sadly its ICO already ended.
  13. Bitcoin Fabulous Bingo!

    I'll post some pics later regarding the idea on how it will work.