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  1. Let's not skip the question he just want to know how many women we know who commits adultery. Well, there's some I know maybe 2 or 3 that I encountered in my life.
  2. Sex to the max. The choice of the many will be the same.
  3. Good that you suggest but it will be reviewed first if this is okay for PD and forum. Not bad to a suggestion.
  4. I'll buy some things for me also.
  5. @DMTripp27 and @Carollzinha
  6. Not good here in Philippines, low net connection.
  7. I'll always remember this. Nice one mhai.
  8. I'll try this if this is my luck right now.
  9. Welcome to PD forum, goodluck.
  10. I never heard of it, I just wait and observe whose side would last or efficient.
  11. It shows sign right now of being a scamcoin, but let's just wait if it does.
  12. Earn more some reputations before you do that, you'll probably a newbie in forum and PD
  13. It's a big YES. But what if we change the situation, is it a Yes or a No?