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  1. Apple accepting bitcoin and ethereum

    This would be awesome. It is a good sign that bitcoin is being recognized. Thanks for the information.
  2. hello~! friends

    Welcome to PrimeDice forum, hope you enjoy here.
  3. I hope the sheet will be updated because when it clicked the 6th Primedice Talkative Giveaway is the one that appears. Hoping it will be heard. Up for this
  4. Username: Kevin13 More power to hui and Zoltan for the amazing giveaways here in forum. Thank you.

    Try this: beeg.com it is simple and all of it are in HD quality. I'm a patronizer on that site. hahaha lol
  6. For me it's Transformer. For instance I have a balance of 0.005 then the minute of playing, it transform to 0.00. That's the vibes!
  7. Trading techniques

    Search for some blogs that share their trading techniques or watch some YouTube videos of many successful traders it will help you a lot if you're a newbie. Good luck!
  8. Poloniex or Bittrex?

    Poloniex I think, Bittrex has high withdrawal fee I don't like it anymore.
  9. Any one into music production?

    I never heard of those you two had mention, maybe I'll try it too soon. Thanks for the information.
  10. Travel to space

    I love to travel to space but I don't have an spaceship to travel to instead I will sleep and maybe in my dream I can. lol
  11. Post your best philosophy about religion.

    Gotta save this one for future reference. Thanks. "Then why call him@mgod"? hahaha just joking.
  12. Any Chance of getting bitcoin price low

    There is a possibility that it will happen just stay updated and if that happens again you might buy some because that's the time that is good for investing.
  13. Post your best philosophy about religion.

    That's nice rack hope I can hear also from other member's philosophy. Thanks
  14. I really love this. Share also of what you believe about faith, religion or anything related to it. In this post we must respect each others faith or what they believed in, because in that way we can understand better of who we/you/they are. Feel free to post even in just a little quote.
  15. Facts about men who are very interesting to women

    I don't want to talk about my ex because in the first place right now she's my first girlfriend. Well, I can lose and I always, because I hate it when she's angry he like to fucking eat me with those mouth. Grrrr!