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  1. payout 9900

    How do u feel after hunting payout x9900 and did not hit it then suddenly when you are rolling like not on this payout 0 or 9999 came out. it breaks me and feel me very disapointed.,i hope every 0 and 9999 rolls are like this.
  2. Primedice #1 200k New Year Giveaway!!

    ill pick #12 happy new year to you and your family too.
  3. Primedice #1 200k New Year Giveaway!!

    longlive primedice voted!!! number : 12

    Social media plays now an important role in our life, and somehow it reflects a bit of our personality.. I don't see any problem of posting few or much about ur feelings of affection through these available social media app, just make sure that the post is decent, motivational and conveying interest of inspiring others (in a good and legal way).. but on the other note, make sure that even u post a lot or less - always put safety in priority.. enjoy posting of love and more LOVE .. God bless! Peace out!
  5. Place to live

    I was born in Philippines,now im working abroad.Its tough to be apart from ur family.I always had this dream of coming home and stay there for good. If i am to choose where to live its difinite in my homecountry.Theres no other place like home as we always hear.We can travel around the world but its always good to come home and stay there with our loveones. How about u guys where do you wanna live and spent ur btc? share me ur thoughts by posting here. Thanks and God bless us all.
  6. guys what do u think is ur partner's best asset that attarct u most. for me its my wife eyes.see how it looks.,its so lovable
  7. Mharckie and his teacher

    Last month my son started his school,He is a kinder garten 1. It was funny knowing that my son is very proud of me. One day while he was on a class. Mharckie:Teacher teacher excuse me can i go to the toilet. Teacher:Sure,You want me to help you.? Mharckie:Yes teacher. Then his teacher help him remove his short and underwear. Mharckie:Teacher now you saw my bird,It is big right? Teacher:Hmmm.....(speechless) Mharckie:My papa also have bird,and its very big.(innocent) Teacher:Huh?.,(shocked) Hahaha...the moment my wife it to me i cant stop loughing.,hhaha.,anyway my son is very proud of me..And im also proud of him. coz he is doing good in shool. That day my son got a lot of stamp in his hand showing excellent and very goods.,Just wondering how he get it.,Is it becausr hes doing well or because the teacher saw his bird or is it because my son told her i have a big bird. LoL..
  8. I think it will rise before december comes
  9. i hope some good hands gives u loan.,
  10. Mharckie and his teacher

    sure i will
  11. Mharckie and his teacher

    yeah its for real.,lol should i look for his teacher.,hahaha
  12. All in opposite side

    Ive been hunting payout 9900 for yhe last three days and all i hit are wrong sides.,i have a feeling that the site is playing and teasing me.
  13. [Edward] Streaming - Making it Rain!

    im there.,watching.
  14. 1 minute wait for chat

    i think some guys abuses the forum to earn money thats why they decided to havr intervals
  15. pro duterte or anti?

    i am pro Duterte.,i feel confindent that my family is in safe condition now that criminals are lessen.
  16. How do you feel about the death penalty?

    i totally agree in death penalty.,expeceially to those who are convicted with rape case.,fuck them all to death.
  17. Most Powerful Country

    how about north korea.,they are making names right now especially with their nuclear weapons.
  18. i hate the liberal party in philippines especeially ,delima,trillanesdrillon,aquino and roxas.
  19. All in opposite side

    yeah still holding on to 9999.,just hoping it will come before i give up.
  20. Cashclambler

    good challenge but still i cant make it.
  21. MegaDice

    im one of those who havent havr account there.,might try it later.