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  1. I think it will rise before december comes
  2. i hope some good hands gives u loan.,
  3. Mharckie and his teacher

    sure i will
  4. Mharckie and his teacher

    yeah its for real.,lol should i look for his teacher.,hahaha
  5. [Edward] Streaming - Making it Rain!

    im there.,watching.
  6. 1 minute wait for chat

    i think some guys abuses the forum to earn money thats why they decided to havr intervals
  7. 2 Million registered players

    its nice to be part of those two million users here.,well site is doing good thats why it reaches this numbers
  8. pro duterte or anti?

    i am pro Duterte.,i feel confindent that my family is in safe condition now that criminals are lessen.
  9. How do you feel about the death penalty?

    i totally agree in death penalty.,expeceially to those who are convicted with rape case.,fuck them all to death.
  10. Most Powerful Country

    how about north korea.,they are making names right now especially with their nuclear weapons.
  11. i hate the liberal party in philippines especeially ,delima,trillanesdrillon,aquino and roxas.
  12. All in opposite side

    yeah still holding on to 9999.,just hoping it will come before i give up.