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  1. my account give me

    Hello @faranak ! You can always contact the Live Support and we will gladly assist you. If you are not sure how to do that, just click on the "smiling" bubble in the down right corner and send us a message. We will help you regain the access to your account. Best regards
  2. Bitcoin Fabulous Bingo!

    Hey there! I moved the topic to the Suggestions section. Thank you for the assistance @UltraChief !
  3. Hi. The change has been implemented several hours ago so that's why the text is still there. It will be changed, just be patient.
  4. Hello! As I have explained to you, the faucet is not the only way to get some free money to play with. We offer a whole lot of giveaways and I am positive there is something for everyone. https://forum.primedice.com/forum/giveaways/?id=35 Furthermore, there are daily mods and support rains, various chat games like Hunger Games, Roll Hunt and Bingo. That is not enough? We have the pay-per-post system! Be active on the forum with constructive contributions and you will be paid for it.
  5. Something is wrong

    Yeah, I see that now, my bad. I will just delete my post.
  6. @marinjpYou can also contact us by sending us a message by clicking on the "cloud" in the down right corner of the main page.
  7. Hello @marinjp, Please contact us at Live Support and we will answer all of your questions. Best regards
  8. Maej- defaulted on loan

    Hello! We are really sorry that this happened to you guys. But there is the Lending section on our forum and it would be better to make deals there, not like this. Also, now we have the Trader Feedback, so you can check if someone has a history of scamming other users or not. Hopefully, cases like this won't happen again in the future.
  9. Music Giveaway

    What about us - PInk
  10. Music Giveaway

  11. Late 20's health guide

    @KargaiLast year, it was literally like this. I had to split the books among my friends coz I couldn't carry all of them by myself. I also wanted to buy a few more books, but I was forbidden to do so.
  12. Late 20's health guide

    I'll do my best to find this one (if I don't get carried away with other inviting books ^^). @Bojana
  13. Problem to register stake.com

    Hello @michelozzo ! Please check your spam box as well. Also, sometimes it can take some time for the email to come, so please be a bit patient. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you need any additional assistance, feel free to contact the Live Support at any time since we are available 24/7. Best regards
  14. I used to watch Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Jonny Bravo, Cow and Chicken and Courage the Cowardly Dog. <3
  15. What animals are you most afraid of?

    I'm afraid of rain worms.