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  1. Looking for a .01 loan 24hours

    Hey guys Magyk here lots of you know me as a long term member of the community I am looking for a loan of around .01 have made a $700 withdrawal in btc from AmericasCardroom can provide proof but it takes up to 24 hours so was hoping someone could help me out so I can have some fun on primedice while I wait, Thanks if you can help me <3
  2. SealsWithClubs with GooseLee!

    Hey guys for those of you who have been wanting to see what sealswithclubs is about my boy gooselee is streaming the daily med btc tournament 0.15 btc up top come say hi see whats going on! https://www.twitch.tv/goosetothelee
  3. At whom what thoughts on the account х990

    I really want to start chasing higher multipliers but the price of btc just drives me away
  4. Favorite Cryptocurrency

    Dogs? Doge ? Coins? Dogecoins!
  5. Poker stake

    Actually he has 4% of me so he get's 4% of my end balance after the run.
  6. @ledust 1) That is blatantly wrong because you banned me for a joke about doxing Edward. 2) That's also incorrect and I would post the conversation for proof but it'd be disrespectful towards Stunna 3) That's a ridiculous amount of money for publicly available information, Do you have any proof? 4) Once again do you have any proof? I've not stolen or manipulated any members of the primedice community in fact I've paid back any loan I've ever been given with generous interest so your entire comment could be seen as manipulation against my image without any actual proof. You pretty much just instilled that your actions are due to your personal opinions of me which is quite ridiculous considering you have no proof of me doing any of those heinous actions I supposedly committed. If you don't like me not really my problem but you don't have the right to try and shove someone out of the community because of your personal opinions of them.
  7. I literally started the discord channel with another user Norisa and I guess you don't have all the context but he most certainly is harassing me personally. And also treats the discord like his personal community and not the prime dice official community which is just a really unprofessional way to manage such a social channel for a company like this.
  8. So I find it quite unfair that as a customer of Primedice I have to deal with unfair treatment from a certain moderator due to his personal issues with me. I was banned from discord for no proper reason other than a personal disliking from the moderator in charge of it and the first time I manage to get a conversation about it I just get muted? I'm not the first user to complain of harassment from ledust though as a customer of the site I don't feel I should have to deal with it and not have to shy away from chat when he's around because I know I'll be unfairly muted for the slightest of comments that he can use to do so, I actually have no issue never returning to discord as he put it though him banning me for no reason after a period of two weeks inactivity seems highly unwarranted (I literally hadn't been on the channel for over a week when he decided to ban me and has admitted that it was due to his personal disliking of me)
  9. Open Heads up challenge!

    Catosa took the challenge unfortunately I didn't record it as we were just having fun I won over the course of about 30 games about 17-13 gg @Catosa If anyone else wants to take up the challenge get at me!
  10. Bitcoin on Uber

    That's actually so cool, I mean I personally am trying to hold bitcoin not spend it so not toooo hype about all these new services popping up that accept bitcoin but it's awesome to be getting it mainstream.
  11. Buy Bitcoins with SMS/Mobile

    Look it up weird mobile app owned by paypal supposed to be for friends to split bills and shit but it's like an instant p2p money service.
  12. Buy Bitcoins with SMS/Mobile

    I would say the only way to do this is trading with people you know on Venmo I know a few people who will do this but would only connect people I know with them.
  13. Free NFL Survivor Pool at NitrogenSports

    Are you guys doing this I gave it a miss since I know fuck all about NFL
  14. Hello everyone!

    Gday welcome to primedice forum buddy.
  15. Who Misses the Happy Hour?

    Yeah that was primedice birthday week now I think about it.