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  1. Have $298 Venmo need $250 btc

    Thanks for those suggestions guys but neither uses venmo! Bump can anyone help me out here ? takes a few days to withdraw to bank acct seems redundant when I just wanna degen it anyway
  2. Have $298 Venmo need $250 btc

    Hey guys like stated in the title I have $298 in my venmo account looking for $250 btc
  3. Pokerstars funds for btc

    oh I didn't know that fuck guess It's omaha4rollz time then
  4. Pokerstars funds for btc

    looking for someone to buy my pokerstars funds for btc cant just withdraw it without meeting rakeback requirements and I really can be fucked with it. pm me if you can help me out would be really awesome it's $60
  5. 📢 Pay Per Post is Back!

    That's pretty awesome thanks Dan!
  6. I need a skrill for btc trade

    Hey forum was wondering if there was anyone that would sell me around $75 usd worth of btc for skrill funds pm me here or on primedice if you can help thanks <3
  7. My affiliate Hits On Stake!!!

    Nice dude I need to get my affiliate game up haha
  8. Poker Party

    topless waitresses for sure, when in life do you ever choose magicians over topless waitresses I wonder?
  9. How I made 1 btc on Primedice

    That's actually so sick haven't seen someone make this much off faucet in a while.
  10. It's already about to be 10k Nzd so in my reality he was right
  11. 🏆 Keep Primedice Forum Alive - Giveaway!

    username: Jstalamp Thanks Edward for coming back to your roots PD was missing you!
  12. Looking for a .01 loan 24hours

    Hey guys Magyk here lots of you know me as a long term member of the community I am looking for a loan of around .01 have made a $700 withdrawal in btc from AmericasCardroom can provide proof but it takes up to 24 hours so was hoping someone could help me out so I can have some fun on primedice while I wait, Thanks if you can help me <3
  13. SealsWithClubs with GooseLee!

    Hey guys for those of you who have been wanting to see what sealswithclubs is about my boy gooselee is streaming the daily med btc tournament 0.15 btc up top come say hi see whats going on! https://www.twitch.tv/goosetothelee
  14. At whom what thoughts on the account х990

    I really want to start chasing higher multipliers but the price of btc just drives me away
  15. Favorite Cryptocurrency

    Dogs? Doge ? Coins? Dogecoins!