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  1. This will be possible.. The price increasing dramatically and no one can stop it now.
  2. Ahh . Alright. Thanks anyway. It' not a big deal i guess because for me it was a mistake on giving me a warning by one of the admin here.
  3. @hui and @Zoltan .. Can you tell me why am i blacklisted with this give away?
  4. So close to winning 1btc jackpot

    It's really hard to hit 77.77 twice in a row. But miracles can happen and it was tested by the developers so it can happen.
  5. 11.6 Bitcoins in one roll

    I still imagining this one until today. If i was the one doing it it could make my blood pressure rise because of happiness.
  6. 22.22 win chance

    How much is your preffered bankroll or this @MACKY0608?
  7. Wow. You are a multitasker. Good for you to earn like that monthly. More earnings in the future.
  8. 0.017- 1.65 btc

    It was a big win my friend. Congratulation on that.
  9. I introduce on bitcoin last 2 years where bitcoin is not that high in price. If only i did save my bitcoins last 2 years i can be a whale in trading too right now.
  10. Its kind of hard to get that high payouts withouth a big bankroll.
  11. A reminder for Today

    Good reminders bro.. Thank you
  12. .00111111 to .026

    i busted mine with this strategy. Didn't work on me
  13. please delete

    This is right.its hard to trust people you don't know personally
  14. Primedice Nightmode Survey

    This is what I used everyday man..