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  1. it is not advisable. Make your own wallet so it has no risk.
  2. A lucky hit. Congrats bro
  3. It was a nice profit. Get your losses more in the next streams
  4. A lot of coins that you can play with. Nice site
  5. this would be nice. Micro streams excite all Pd community
  6. Thank you for the information. Lets up this thread
  7. I will choose @Zoltan @Edward @hui also @Micro
  8. This helps users to understand more about gambling. Worth it
  9. The date has been past but the Eth is still high
  10. 69.69 it i cloe with palindrome hunt. Nice
  11. But it just a warning. It was not a spam. I don't know why Dan give me that. That's unfair
  12. married first. Not advisable if you live in and didn't have the sacrament o marriage
  13. why i was being blacklisted?
  14. Did they get bitcoins from you?
  15. Other called this Shitsler.. I'm always busted with this site