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  1. PD Forum - Good News and Bad News

    been out for 2-3mos. but I am so back.lol
  2. hyip sites only pay some people to prove that they are paying sites. if you can refer someone, you have a chance of getting paid. but knowing that this is a Ponzi scheme, inviting people just to earn from referrals is a scam already. you can ask google for some reviews before you invest on that site.
  3. Transgender

    as long as they treat people with kindness, we're good. about same sex relationship, it's really up to them. as long as they are happy,
  4. good luck raven. you can do it. i'm also monitoring my own strat. from faucet to 20k, from 20k to something.. I reached 900k in 5days. but this morning I lost 300k. I don't think i'm greedy. i'm just being carried away.lol and it's hard to keep up with your strat when it happens. i'm planning to watch anime, aim atleast 10-20k before going to the next episode. at the end of the day, a profit is a profit.
  5. Bitcoin mining scam list

    scam sites? too many to mention. most are hyip and mining sites. it's like giving them a hundred bucks and they give you few cents daily. before you get half of your investment, you already scam a few people thru invites just for you to earn a little.
  6. 9900x hunt

    you're from baguio, right? never been there.. still waiting for some invites.haha
  7. 9900x hunt

    luck is when I joined PD and found you people. Rolling is a different story. lol. I'll try this on weekends. thanks for sharing your thoughts guys.
  8. 9900x hunt

    true.. it's hard to tell.. 20-50k roll is a lot.. I'm probably asleep before I hit that.lol
  9. 9900x hunt

    thanks for this info.. I read a 60k reds. that's a bloody bet.
  10. pd members meet up

    sarap kung may sponsor.haha.nov-dec para may time pa ako Manalo ng 1btc.lol
  11. 9900x hunt

    hello guys.. I've never tried hunting 9900x before. can you share your experiences here? like how many reds, how rare it happens, your profit at the end etc. it will be helpful. thanks.
  12. Hi, I´m new here, how to win?

    hello mavz.. nice introduction. you said you're an analytical player. so we're supposed to ask you that question. how to win?
  13. glad to know that. I've been here for a month and I found community special. so whenever I have free time, I roll and try to chat with you people.
  14. 10k-20k steps a day

    haha..lol kevin.. you're a good financial adviser.
  15. 10k-20k steps a day

    the challenge is on and we expect results from you soon.