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  1. Get to 1 BTC with 3% profit daily.

    @1claire I was only talking about doubling every 24 days in terms of the calculations, not actual bets. But you are correct that the compounding interest on daily 1.03x bets would result in higher gains compared to exactly doubling every 24 days. That explanation was just to show that daily 1.03x and 24 day doubling are roughly equivalent in terms of gains, and to show to steven that the gains you mentioned for 468 days are in fact correct.
  2. @CryptoDadlol Here's some proof of payment in case you were still wondering.
  3. Get to 1 BTC with 3% profit daily.

    After one day you multiply 100 sats by 1.03, which gives 103. After the second day you multiply 103 by 1.03, which gives you 106.09, day 3, 109.2727, etc etc. It's not much by itself, but done 468 times, it does reach 100,000,000. Another way of doing it is by saying that roughly every 24 days, you'll double your money (since 1.03^24 is about 2). 468/24 is 19.5, so after 468 days your amount will be 100 x 2^19.5, which equals 0.74 BTC (the lesser amount comes from the rounding down in 1.03^24).
  4. Get to 1 BTC with 3% profit daily.

    While discipline does help in controlling yourself and taking profits before they can turn into losses, the odds still don't change, no matter how long of a time span you spread it out across. You still need to multiply your initial 100 sats by 1,000,000x, and one of those daily 1.03x is almost guaranteed to fail eventually. Otherwise it would be no different to gaining 1.03x every minute, and turning 100 sats into 1 BTC in just under 8 hours. Starting with a higher bankroll, say, 0.05 BTC does help reduce the chance of going bust, but it still requires 102 gains of 1.03x each, which is still unlikely.
  5. 10% Daily ROI

    No need to apologize, most things related to crypto have a learning curve. I was unlucky enough to get robbed of 150K through SpaceMining, so I learned the hard way.
  6. 10% Daily ROI

    SpaceMining gave the entire ponzi business a boost even after it went down, since it gave people (even those who can easily spot ponzis) the impression that such sites can still return a profit, provided you get in there soon enough. SpaceMining actually paid its investors, so a lot of people now believe that applies to all scams if the site lasts longer than it's break-even period. But in most cases, future scams will just take advantage of that and lure people in, then never pay a penny.
  7. 10% Daily ROI

    A SpaceMining clone known as EarnHash popped up a little while back, then disappeared again within one or two days. It's currently back up, but it could vanish again at any time. Don't tell people they're guaranteed to 1.5x their investment, since it's as much blind luck as a roll of the dice.
  8. Quick Mind Game

    Eclipse - Moon
  9. Quick Mind Game

    Summer - Sun
  10. BTC Heat

    When do we get BTCHeat Cash?
  11. BTC Heat

    Most people are complaining that the win frequency drops as you approach the payout threshold - one user who was 97% there didn't have a single win after 11,000 spins. When I went to the site, my antivirus went crazy with constant alerts that Cryptonight was trying to be downloaded and installed. Definitely a scam imo.
  12. Thanks for sharing this! I've been using it to mine Graft for about 5 days now, even with my laptop averaging around 20-30h/s I've made around 0.00013 BTC equivalent, which is a lot more than I've earned with any other web mining site. I'll probably end up holding the Graft in my wallet since it's still very new and has some interesting features which I could see making it a valuable coin in the future, and keep mining in the meantime, so thank you for introducing me to this
  13. How do you feed your gambling?

    SaySo Rewards is a pretty decent site, I access it through Wannads on bonusbitcoin.co and their highest paying offer gives 8,000 satoshi for each survey completed (payout varies depending on BTC/USD value). CrowdFlower is also pretty good, rewards for completing tasks rather than surveys and the payout varies depending on the type of task. None of them are really quick ways to huge amounts, but if you put a bit of effort in you can easily earn 0.01BTC per week. You'll need a Coinpot account, since bonusbitcoin pays directly to that site.
  14. The Best Faucets

    Forgot about this one until recently: TheBestBitcoinFaucet Appropriately named for this thread, this is a pretty new faucet that launched on the new year. It's been running as a beta version and according to the site owner, the official version will be launched in the next 2 weeks. When you sign up, you will need to make sure you'll have constant access to the BTC address you enter, as this can't be changed afterwards. The faucet offers 50 claims per day at base, and each claim will give you a random amount between 5-100 satoshi (average is 52). Each referral you have gives you a 1:1 equivalent of their claims, up to a maximum of 500 claims per day. Having enough referrals can also reduce the time between each claim, down to 5 seconds. There is also a quarterly "jackpot", which will give 1 BTC to 1 lucky user. The minimum withdrawal is very high, with 0.005 BTC being the minimum, but with maxed out referrals and making full use of the faucet, it's a viable target (500 claims per day at 52 satoshi average will yield about 26,000 satoshi per day, making the minimum withdrawal reachable in roughly 19 days). Captchas are less invasive than other faucets, appearing only every 10 claims, instead of every claim as most other faucets do. One slight annoyance though is that with every claim/refresh of the page, clicking on the page opens up an ad in a new tab or window (but this usually stops happening after 30 claims or so). It will be interesting to see where this faucet goes upon the final release, and considering the high satoshi/day potential at the moment, it could possibly, as the name states, become the best bitcoin faucet. https://www.thebestbitcoinfaucet.com/?refid=4834
  15. Primedice Faucet Increase.

    Increasing the faucet for players who have been playing a long time might be viable, but increasing it based on wagering amounts still leaves room for faucet abuse. A player could sign up, make a large deposit, go to sleep while running 1.01x dicebot and wake up to a boosted faucet, then withdraw whatever's left. It could also possibly become unfair for some players, since a new player who rolls 1 or 2 BTC at a time would quickly get a larger faucet payout than a veteran player who regularly plays with 100K-200K.