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  1. Make PD Forum Great Again!

    welcome back ed .yeah more suggestion for PD forum
  2. username :jamelyn thankyou
  3. Miss forum 2017

    lovely face cograts nimfomanka u deserve it.
  4. hit 9900x

    try that today suddenly wrong side
  5. username : jamelyn joined date : 03.05.17
  6. hit 9900x

    super wow sis.your so mub lucky hope I have a roll like you
  7. Up to 0.02BTC Giveaway

  8. Clam and LSK faucet

    Wow thank you for sharing these faucets! It is very helpful for people like me who has limited budget on investing in altcoins
  9. 77.77% win chance is dope!

    Thank you for sharing this strategy. it works on me too from 25k to 0.003
  10. Bitcoin sa Pinas

    sakin page masaya ako at nananalo ng btc tapos kkwento ko sa kaibigan ko sabihin Nola anu un?waley sila Alan about dun kaya d ko makwento tuoy d sila relate
  11. I vote sis @neya because super effort her outfit and very nice