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  1. no. i don't prefer using same avatar for different sites. and i think its not good idea use same avatar and username different sites
  2. Primedice 2017 Awards

    Most loveable Primedicer: @Irena Funniest Primdice: @Robear Favorite Primedice forum poster: @Edward Favorite Primedice chat user: @PARANORMAL Most intelligent Primedicer: @nytewind Most influential Primedicer: @Bojana Best Primedice moderator: @biggad Funniest Primedice support member: @Katarina Favorite Primedice support member: @Mirela Favorite Primedice admin: @Vladimir its clear shows that i wrote almost all support and moderators. because for me all supports and moderators are loveable, funniest and best Thanks Supports and Admins
  3. if btc will going this step. 1BTC price will 30.000$ at 00:00 1-Jan
  4. Best Gambling Site 2017

    Primedic only without any doubt
  5. Last letter game

  6. Last letter game

  7. Last letter game

  8. Big win !!!!! Bad bet

    was a nice hit kurian. bet again with 99X or 990X 0.22is very good for 99x
  9. Last letter game

  10. Last letter game

  11. 190K reds with this method??
  12. faris congrats lucky man. Did ubetted autobet??
  13. suddenly on account of 1 BTC

    i would roll 3.3X all in. if i win i return but no lose bcoz it would be greeen only
  14. Big win !!!!! Bad bet

    congrats @Kurian do it again good luck
  15. Be Aware Of Bitcoin Hacking Address

    you must protect your computer and don't trust lies that free btc or bla bla bla only be smart and thats all work with your mind. good luck