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  1. So, dear participants... *drum rolls* Here are the winners: 1st place: 0.05 BTC - @Kurian 2nd place: 0.02 BTC - @Carollzinha 3rd place: 0.01 BTC - @DreamStage 4th place: 0.01 BTC - @Kingarthur 5th place: 0.01 BTC - @Kargai Also, all the other participants will get a small consolation Prize - 0.001 BTC! The payout will be done in a few minutes. Thank you all so much for participating, we all had fun watching your creativity! I'm sorry this is one of the last giveaways organized by Giveaway Team, but I'm sure we will all have fun in the future giveaways as well! @Zoltan, @hui & @Bojana, thank you for being the best team ever!
  2. This giveaway is officially over! We will summarize all the votes, and as soon as we have the results we will post them here. Thank you very much for participating, this was a fun new experience!
  3. My YouTube Cooking Channel

    Hahahah, while I was checking the channel, I was starving. Let's make some cakes then...
  4. The one can access to your account only in two ways: if you gave him the access or if you didn't protect your account properly. We cannot chose a password strong enough for you, neither we can make you enable 2FA. That is why a support member told you that protecting your account properly is your responsibility. Also, do not install any bots or scripts, because most of them tend to lose/steal your funds. Those are the things about the security that you should know, so a mistake like this doesn't happen again in the future. We are really sorry, but if funds left our platform, there is not much we can do to help you about it. Locking this one now.
  5. Racists in chat

    There are people that come in the chat only to make a problem, and we are all aware of that. The biggest mistake is to get into the fight with them, like most of the players do, and then it is harder to decide who deserves the mute, who is 'guilty' and everything. If you are against it, just stay away from that discussion, and report it to us, we will deal with that somehow.
  6. @bakso, @singpays & @Kingarthur, guys, make sure that you set the signature you created as your own, so you could participate in this giveaway. It would be sad to waste it, since you have already made it. Also, 10 hours left, if anyone else is interested, you still have enough time to create something nice!
  7. 196 countries

    Looking forward, @ravenyvolle! But you must return the favor one day when I come there.
  8. What's your favorite movie Genre?

    @grifter I prefer some action/mystery/comedy... I'm more into TV shows, tho, but when I have some free time (which doesn't happen that often lately), that's what I choose to watch. One of my favorites that was released this year is Gifted.
  9. My YouTube Cooking Channel

    @Nataly, I don't know how I missed this, but I'm totally subscribing there! I love cooking, baking and everything else related to that. As soon as I can I will start checking the videos, and when I make something, I will let you know. I could share the pictures of some cakes and cookies I have made, but I'm not an expert, just to it for fun and for my little girl.
  10. Racists in chat

    Do you have any proofs, Carol?
  11. Racists in chat

    We as support, and mods also, are doing our best to prevent this type of behavior. Also, as far as I know, whenever something like this happens, member that offended someone gets muted. Yes, there is a 'freedom of speech', but there are also rules that should not be broken. The first one is: Don't spam, harass or be offensive to other users. If you happen to notice someone that's behaving like that, feel free to report it, and we will remove him from the chat, at least for a while. You can send PM to a moderator that is online at the moment, or contact us in support anytime, we are there 24/7 and we will help you with that. Take care!
  12. Hey, @sourc3code, like it is explained in the comment above, your posts are counting only during this giveaway, from the moment it is posted, until it is closed. I can see you have 3 posts now, two here and one more, all the other posts are made before that. So, everyone, you still have time to reach 150 posts, this giveaway is going to be closed in 15 hours! Good luck!
  13. We are doing our best to put all the details in the OP. But, of course, you can always ask if you have some doubts or questions, there is no need to delete/edit those comments, we will always answer or point you in the right direction where to look for the answers.
  14. @Nataly, I can see that you already set your signature here, but in case someone else wonders how to do that, you can see the instructions here: Feel free to ask whenever you have any doubts about this.
  15. Of course you could make similar topics, that you consider that would be useful to the players. But copy/paste is definitely not the option, in my opinion. And again, stake related questions should be asked there, in forum/support/chat, not here. Locking this one now.