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  1. Looking for 200k loan will pay 300k

    Hello! In order for someone to give you a loan, you have to earn some good reputation first, and considering this is the first post here, and that people don't know you, I will lock this topic now.
  2. Darko Entertainment

    Raveny, I officially don't wanna talk to you, ever again!
  3. Darko Entertainment

    Damn, damn, damn! Why did you have to do that?!
  4. There are situations when we don't have the answer or there is someone else that has the better answer, so we wait for that one to solve the issue (or at least try to). The same thing goes when it comes to 'suggestions' board, some things are just not in our jurisdiction to say 'yes' or 'no' to. I think most of the technical questions are solved without any delay. But thank you for pointing this out, we will try to be more effective in that field in the future.
  5. I've come back to PD

    @DMTripp27, as I already told you, we missed you a lot and you made us really worried! I'm so glad you're back, you know that.
  6. Misheard Lyrics =)

    Yeeeeah, the song will never be the same again, right?
  7. Misheard Lyrics =)

    I'm in love-hate relationship with the misheard lyrics, I can't sing a song properly when I see this, but, suuure, let's go!

    Hey, sing! I like the idea, but let's see what others think. I moved the topic to 'Primedice suggestions', so it is more noticeable.
  9. Cartagena, Spain

    Yes, it's like a stone structure/monument that is made from human skulls after a great Battle of Chegar (that happened in the beginning of the 19th century).
  10. Cartagena, Spain

    We have something similar here in Serbia, a Skull Tower. And it is freaky.
  11. Cartagena, Spain

    WOW! Definitely putting this on my 'go to list'! I'll google it a bit now...
  12. I'm really sorry, but that option is not available at the moment. We are already on it to make it functional, but we cannot tell you the exact time when it will be possible to use it. I know it was a lot easier before, but we will have to wait a bit until it's all automatic again. Sorry for the inconvenience, once again.
  13. Who's the Killer?

    I hope @Mistletoe has the answer, or else....
  14. Kitty time

    We love his cats, as well, right, @hui?
  15. My breakfast

    I kiiiiiiiinda think we skipped the 'breakfast' word in the title of the topic, and moved to desserts.