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  1. couldn't log in

    Hello, @lay666! We all talked to you, and you just simply didn't provide us with enough correct answers. Also, two persons asking for the access to the same account, and claiming it's a third person's account is just wrong. We have explained everything, we have talked to you for days about that, but it's just not possible to retrieve the account without the basic info we are asking you to provide us with. On a side note, we are advising all of you: DO NOT SHARE your private information with anyone! Not your email address, not your IP address, not your deposit address. This could give the person some very valuable information, and your account can be compromised. Great, @eroses, I'm handling your ticket. Thanks for reaching out!
  2. Thanks a lot, bani! I should lock this topic now, there are many birthdays we will celebrate in support team soon! Thank you all, once again! Hope to spend a lot of birthdays as a part of this community!
  3. We will support you to make it to the 30th day and celebrate it with you, regardless of the amount! But 600k for a week is not bad at all!
  4. Hey! In case you can't reach us on the site, you can always send us an email to support@primedice.com. It's pretty standard procedure for recovering an account, you just have to answer a few questions, we will guide you. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help!
  5. Thank you all for the nice wishes! You made my day!
  6. Hey, I moved this to 'Primedice suggestions', since this is not forum related. I don't think it would be visually attractive, too much for a small screen space, the font size would have to be a lot smaller, and I really think that it wouldn't be pleasant for the eyes. Maybe someone else will disagree with me, tho, looking forward to see what others think!
  7. @Kargai, I'm not sure I understood it correctly, but there is a 'preview' button here. Is this what you are referring to? There are also options to check how your post will look like on a desktop, tablet and phone. I know I used it a lot when creating giveaway topics, since those should look attractive and 'clean' on all devices.
  8. Moved this topic where it belongs, and also locking it, since Milan explained everything.
  9. Wow, me like this, @dmbadillo10! We can finally see that the rain really makes a difference when you look at it closely. BUT, a huge difference is between spamming the chat for tips (that's a totally wrong approach), and being an active chatter like you (interesting, funny, sharing useful info...). We want to keep chatters like you there, and it's obvious that your presence is highly appreciated! Good luck, and hope to see those tablets next month!
  10. The letter game

  11. I like these challenges that have no reward, nothing to gain out of it, just for fun and making something new! I'm working in the night shift starting from Monday, but I'll do my best to be here.
  12. I like this idea a lot! Let's see how much this actually turns out to be in the end! Good luck, raveny!
  13. Thank you, guys!
  14. Hello. Abusing one of the main rules on the chat will always result with a mute. Alt accounts in the chat at the same time while trivia was on, and even after getting 2 tips on one account, and coming with another is definitely not the behavior we want to encourage. Both of those accounts were muted on 4 hours only. We have ways to track the alt accounts, and IP address is not the only way we use it. We are also familiar with all of your accounts, not only this one, or should I say these two. And all of these are connected in one way or another. You've been unmuted numerous times, even the system kept muting you. And you were complaining every time about that, making a new topic whenever the mute occured. I find this behavior ungrateful on so many levels. Trivia is on in the chat for 2 days already, because a High Roller is sponsoring it. You could and you did get a lot of tips from all of that, but abusing trivia like that is definitely off the limits. Proofs like these are actually not proofs. As I said we have a lot of ways to track the alts, and everything points to the fact that these are your accounts, or accounts that are using the same internet connections. We have brothers/cousins/mates/whatever there, but all of them respect that rule that they can't be in the chat at the same time, especially when trivia/rain is on (if their IP or other parameter matches). Try to play by the rules like all the people there, and this won't happen.
  15. MateuszHDHR1 #1 Stream, giveaways!

    Good luck, @MateuszHDHR1! I'll do my best to be there, depending on how long you plan to stream.