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  1. Is there a minimum bet id that is relevant?
  2. Thanks to all participants! We saw some really amazing poetry! Please give us some time to check the upvotes and likes and to come to a conclusion about the winners. We're doing our best to do the payouts within the next 24 hours! Special thanks fly out to @Irena, who once again came up with an inspiring idea - I hope everyone had as much fun as we had!
  3. hui

    Nytewinds PD Parody Song

    Nice song! Thank you!
  4. hui

    Hello, hello!

    welcome to this crazy bunch! have a wonderful start and a great time here! @Vaana
  5. that's easy, the user with the most overall-wagered will win... (just kidding!)
  6. Maybe 19 has a chance? Username: streak Bet ID #1:21544611161 Bet ID #2:21544611194 Bet ID #3:21544611225 Bet ID #4:21544611251 Bet ID #5:21544611280 Bet ID #6:21544611307 Bet ID #7:21544611338 Bet ID #8:21544611361 Bet ID #9:21544611392 Bet ID #10:21544611420 Bet ID #11:21544611449 Bet ID #12:21544611475 Bet ID #13:21544611506 Bet ID #14:21544611533 Bet ID #15:21544611563 Bet ID #16:21544611587 Bet ID #17:21544611621 Bet ID #18:21544611646 Bet ID #19:21544611676
  7. In order to be eligible you will have to use the format specified in the opening post (I guess)...
  8. Username: streak Bet ID #1: 21,519,963,968 Bet ID #2: 21,519,964,003 Bet ID #3: 21,519,964,040 Bet ID #4: 21,519,964,082 Bet ID #5: 21,519,964,127 Bet ID #6: 21,519,964,161 Bet ID #7: 21,519,964,204 Bet ID #8: 21,519,964,248 Bet ID #9: 21,519,964,291 Bet ID #10: 21,519,964,322 Bet ID #11: 21,519,964,358 Bet ID #12: 21,519,964,409 Bet ID #13: 21,519,964,445
  9. right, you need 2x bets with min 100 sat base that follow each other and are winning bets.
  10. I heard about vitamins that have tentacles and bite, so please be careful, everyone!
  11. is it new year already?! HAPPY NEW YEAR DIMEPRICERS!
  12. hui

    Have you watched our stream?

    I tend to think it would work perfectly well without any music. Some people have a hard time understanding english and music only distracts in the end and everyone has a different taste anyway. If you still want to go for music a good example of a selection of decent free music can be found here: http://freemusicarchive.org/search/?adv=1&quicksearch=&search-genre=Blues%2C+Old-Time+%2F+Historic%2C+Rock&duration_from=&duration_to=&music-filter-CC=on&music-filter-CC-attribution-only=on&music-filter-CC-attribution-sharealike=1&music-filter-CC-attribution-noderivatives=1&music-filter-CC-attribution-noncommercial=1&music-filter-CC-attribution-noncommercial-sharealike=1&music-filter-CC-attribution-noncommercial-noderivatives=1&music-filter-public-domain=1&sort=track_interest With that genre selection you get >10k songs, ordered by how much people like it. Obviously adjust genres to whatever the preferences of the team are
  13. hui

    Have you watched our stream?

    I loved the stream! It was great, fun to watch and the chats went crazy Things that could be optimized: - the audio quality was not the best, maybe a different position of the micro (pun!) or even a different micro would help - the music (after the intro) was a bit annoying to some Thanks so much to the entire support team for the effort!
  14. hui

    📢 Primedice 2017 Awards

    Most loveable Primedicer: Irena Funniest Primdicer: CrystalBlox Favorite Primedice forum poster: / Favorite Primedice chat user: / Most intelligent Primedicer: Zoltan Most influential Primedicer: Singpays Best Primedice moderator: Serlite Funniest Primedice support member: Bojana Best Primedice support member: Irena Best Primedice admin: Edward