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  1. Primedice 2017 Awards

    Most loveable Primedicer: Irena Funniest Primdicer: CrystalBlox Favorite Primedice forum poster: / Favorite Primedice chat user: / Most intelligent Primedicer: Zoltan Most influential Primedicer: Singpays Best Primedice moderator: Serlite Funniest Primedice support member: Bojana Best Primedice support member: Irena Best Primedice admin: Edward
  2. Misheard Lyrics =)

    Credits were they belong, I originally got it from BeFrank / Pandemonium
  3. Misheard Lyrics =)

  4. 20 Billion bets Giveaway

    Username: hui
  5. Final Winner List: Noahbreezy 284 Asombroso 219 rembo2 217 Mistletoe 214 anbushinta 209 erickastella02 171 biggad 171 ampula 168 RabMalfoy 168 Kurian 163 Zephiera 162 Checkpoint 162 Nataly 160 connesa 159 Bes19 159 artcode 158 Carollzinha 158 bakha1988 157 Jenn09 157 Indigger 157 merlyn22 156 chaitanya 156 NyaoNyao 156 Noeprellik1 155 Gamsa 155 ravenyvolle 154 PARANORMAL 153 NeStore 153 Bitlol22 153 Bitcoinani 152 savior15 151 mgod 151 lucas alfaia 151 DreamStage 150 Conratulations to all winners and thanks to all participants!
  6. Some participants can still claim tickets for the lottery - no risk involved, you can only win for those (points don't get deducted)!
  7. Nice new entries! Just a short heads up again: Please be aware that you have to actually set your signature art as signature, not only post it in the message in order to be eligible - Thanks! (By the way: There are still ~22 hours left!)
  8. Nice entry! Be aware that you need to set it as signature in order to particpate, though!
  9. Awesome entries so far, and still almost a week left! Just a quick reminder that your signature doesn't necessarily need to be connected to primedice at all! (But obviously if it is, that's perfectly fine, too!)
  10. I like all entries so far - good work! Just in case thats not entirely clear: While we all (obviously) love Primedice, this is a freestyle contest. You can put anything there you would feel comfortable to wear as your signature!
  11. What a nice name for a giveaway! hui
  12. First of all, this topic should not be a discussion topic about previous contests/giveaways that have no connection with this one, so please let's try to stay on topic here. As I still can understand the frustration about the other, earlier design contest let me point out some aspects that make this one entirely different: This signature design contests clearly states what is needed to participate (basically a signature that you find nice enough to use here yourself in the future) It is done by different people - we (formerly Zoltan and me, now proud to get help from Irena and Bojana) have a reputation to lose. Every single one of our contests/giveaways listed on https://giveaways.primedice.com/ has been paid out as expected and in a fair, transparent and timely manner. This is a freestyle contest - your signature doesn't have to be in any way connected to primedice at all, it is meant as an additional motivation to create a nice signature that improves the visibility of your identity here on primedice forums. Even if you wouldn't end up being voted into the Top-5 you would still have a signature that was made by you and that you can be proud of (and a small consolation prize on top) Noone is forced to participate, if you think this is not for you, just don't! Anyway, let's use this thread to talk about this contest (and most of all, show around our signatures!) from now on. If you want to discuss other ones this is simply not the place. Thanks!
  13. Winners announced! https://giveaways.primedice.com/2017-23rd/winners.html Payouts have been done, thank you all for participating and see you in the next giveaway! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS!
  14. VIP Status

    No idea why anyone would want a VIP tag, all it does is giving beggars a hint who to beg
  15. Hi Ivand2128, first of all I need to make clear that I'm not a member of support, so please don't consider any of my answers 'official'. I'm just a simple mod, basically just a normal user of primedice with mute privileges and nothing more. Most importantly I am not a developer that is able to fix any of the mentioned issues. I was just trying to help as far as I could, obviously I failed to make clear what I meant. This seems to happen often lately, so let me apologize for that first! Your initial post focussed around the observation of the mybets API-call which wouldn't work: Since it looked to me like this would be your main question (as reflected by the topics subject) I answered that one with: As far as I could tell from your opening post and the post you did thereafter it looked to me like your main issue would be to have access to your last bets. Since you were already using the API it seemed natural to me to mention the option to just log the bet-details on your side as well, so you have everything available without the need for the abandoned API call: The chat thing aside (I'm not support and thus it wasn't live-chat but i was there when you talked with toohoola about the issue) you followed up with a "wall of text" including your API-Key and access_tokens and mentioned for the first time that you also see skipped nonces: That's the first time it became visible to me that your main issue is not the (already confirmed) disfunctioning API-call but skipped nonces. It's far from obvious that you know about the importance of api-key/access_token and that you would handle it carefully. If you had seen what I have seen from people using the API you would understand that suggesting this as a possible reason for skipped nonces, balance decrease and other things wasn't meant to offend you in any way but still a try to help you. I never saw the 12002 error you are speaking of, unless they changed the server-side of things I implied that this is a local error from your code or (more likely) the libraries you use. Since there obviously are other reasons than someone else using your keys I also suggested how to go about your second problem (skipped nonces) as opposed to the initial problem (mybets-API): Thats because nobody other than develeopers have a chance to debug such an issue "from the outside" and nobody other than support has the option to contact developers. Obviously you reported the mybets-API issue already to support a while ago, and knowing how careful they are with trying to solve every issue I am really confident they forwarded the issue to the developers as soon as you spoke to them. Unfortunately those guys are really busy, so it's not unusual for them to take quite a while until they get back to support and you get a follow up on the more internal stuff we are talking about here. To post something like that I would suggest to use the Primedice specific "General Discussion" board here: https://forum.primedice.com/forum/primedice-general-discussion/?id=60 Again, if I offended you in any way that was definitely not my intention, I was really just trying to help (and as I already mentioned, I am not support so don't take my answer as anything "official", please). cu hui