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  1. Last letter game

  2. Last letter game

  3. Last letter game

  4. Let's just say if it will reach 5K this September. So it will reach 8K - 10K this December. During my start here its just 2100 and after two months boom! BTC already 4700.
  5. Restriction of friend requests

    That would be nice and It is good for the HR. Not worried because you're my friend already.
  6. I don't know if I'm a depositor for I only deposited here 3 times I guess and once in stake. But @Carollzinha is right this is gambling site not charity. Bitsler faucet is much bigger than here in PD but I sure they will not let you withdraw it without depositing. Here in PD when luck is with you and you can manage to make that 100 sats free from faucet to something impossible but it happened to some here. Enjoy it! You can have it without depositing. PD is generous. Scratch that idea.
  7. remove MAX button?

    Thank you @antiS. This will help.
  8. remove MAX button?

    I will support this. But maybe some need that max button. Just an option to show and hide it will do.
  9. Solving the alt problem in chat

    That is pretty cool idea @TheFrog. Brilliant!
  10. Stake Giveaway(0.0015BTC)

    115115 rolls Stake: Han2x
  11. BTC will go $5000?

    Maybe in the first week of September it will hit 5K and by the end of the year it will 10k already.
  12. Restoring Your Account - Process

    Very helpful information. Primedice Support always very quick on helping users here. Thank you @Bojana.
  13. BTC rise ?

    Can't wait to see it reaching 5K. Already said on my previous post that in the end of august and start of September it will hit 5k already. Today it's starting to rise and hope in less that a week will reach 5k. Congrats to all who invested during the drop of BTC. It drop t 3700 last week.
  14. Transaction Accelerator

    Thank you @Carollzinha. Very helpful.