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  1. I will try that soon @athena2007. Hope I can get any prize.
  2. Me I used to use the same avatar and username. But I decide to change my Avatar in other side. Just to make it different. hahaha.
  3. 21,583,319,791 placed by lay666 Wagered: 0.00000002 Payout: 2.48x Profit: 0.00000003 21,581,835,020 placed by athena2007 Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 2.00x Profit: 0.00000100 I think Insert Bet ID function not used here. Just try if it work. Participated to this giveaway but just bust my balance hunting that 69.69. Good game. Thanks @ravenyvollefor having this. I will try again later. Han2x here!
  4. BEWARE! Primedice App

    i'm looking for a primedice app in playstore before. But thanks to this post, Thanks to @Mistletoe. Now I will not use any.
  5. Getting snowy here

    How I love to experience snow. I only experience that when I'm inside the freezer. lol. Soon I will be experiencing that.
  6. I love to be one of you client @UltraChief. But I will not loan any if I don't really need it. I will be one in the future for sure.
  7. I can suggest you to check Fantasy Trader of stake https://forum.stake.com/forum/97-fantasy-trader/ and check for winning entries. But the problem is you can't decide for there is no reasons why they choose that coin to invest. You better ask them to some support to convince you. Good luck!
  8. Last letter game

  9. News about Dash cryptocurrency

    Nice to hear that. I'm interested in dash too. I'm doing some faucet farming.
  10. 1btc = 10k in December 2017?

    You got it right @vinka1976dear. But what you did not expect that it will be more than that. I agree with you @connesa. Soon it will drop and will give us opportunity to buy some.
  11. YOLODice Rakeback + Contest

    I'm already a member of that site and i'm still having the same name what I am here. I am not that amazed. Site not that awesome compare to primedice. But what amazed me is the rain feature, in which you can divide your amount you want to tip to the chosen option. In just one command lots of active members will receive tip. Low Minimum payout in that site but the fee is very high.
  12. Change of link account

    It's in my post @Noahbreezy. Thanks @Bojana and @Kurian for the help. Already successful on changing link account.
  13. 📢 Pay Per Post is Back!

    Great things happen now. After it's gone it's now back. Welcome back PpP. Thanks @Dan. It's been a while. I was not able to be active here after my account in Primedice was banned. I hope it will be back, since my friend/officemates using the same I.P I have no longer play Primedice.
  14. Hi Primedice Forum team. I don't know if this topic really belongs here. Can't find where to post this. I just wanna ask if we can change the link account of my account here to Primedice game site? My account Han2x in primedice was banned few months ago because of something that they said that I can't argue with. I was banned because of the mistake of some officemates. But I really accept that already and no complaint. I already created a new account in primedice.com too. Just like in stake forum. It's the user who will put which account in stake casino link to its stake forum account. I hope I can change mine so that I can join primedice forum community again. If you will accept my request my PD Username: botbotnimo Thanks in advance.