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  1. Hello Primedice users!

    Welcome here @Edward23. Good luck to you. You will learn a lot here.
  2. Again! Another wonderful interview by @ledust. Congrats to you and @Bojana. Bojana is a nice and sweet support. S for Sweet & Special. Good luck for more.
  3. Stake Giveaway!

    Nice @Edward. Another nice giveaway. Done already.
  4. TIP Soccer:UEFA Hoffenheim - Liverpool

    Oh why let them score 1. I like that to be zero. Congrats Liverpool team.
  5. Good luck to you @shinjo. #rainbowsheep
  6. Poor Vampire

    Fuck this joke. Heard this already but still make me laugh. Good Job for @Kevin13. You make us cry with lafter
  7. Joke bank 4 😘😍

    hahahahaahaahahaha. Can't stop laughing. Bwaaahaaa.
  8. Good luck and stay green. Can't stay for long, coz I will be out. Cellphone left home.
  9. Legend Hufflepuff

    Oh man. Never imagine that someone can have that huge win. But too bad it's not pure luck. He is a hacker.
  10. TIP Soccer:UEFA Hoffenheim - Liverpool

    Hoffenheim 0-2 Liverpool Liverpool
  11. Good luck to you Shinjo. STake username: Han2x
  12. 0.01 Giveaway

    Oh yah. So it will be cancelled? He said its Thefrog who banned him.
  13. 0.01 Giveaway

    He already gave the price yesterday @zale023. MOD close this topic for @RollingYourHead advice to close this yesterday.