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  1. This is a cool achievement!!! Good job devs and admins and mods and support for managing this large number of players. Kudos to you guys. Weldon
  2. This is good idea. That way, VIPs will care when it comes to loosing their accounts. Because with no high faucet. Most VIPs don't care about what mods do to their accounts. They just easily open new accounts and start afresh. I like this.
  3. Politicians and election. 

    They the politician becomes very human and respectful when they needed that your votes to get them the job. And turn their butt to your face.


    I don't know why these traits are everywhere!!


  4. No point pming Edward, I'd suggest you contact Dan. He reads PMS but Edward? Nope. His too busy to read it. He knows all pms will only contain more begging and all.
  5. Made this suggestion... And a user went to scavenge through all my old posts regarding suggestions dated back a month old...and deleted them, and admins didn't respond towards it...due to glitch.
  6. Nice topic. I must commend. But my advice is simple, don't put amount you can't afford to bust. Since auto bet includes walking away from your desktop or laptop and be busy with other things.
  7. Please do, maybe that will change their minds hahahaha!!!
  8. 17 reds on 3x is still kiddish to me. I know something about the game. The more you increase your martingaling the more reds you get. Another beautiful thing you should notice is that, the more the payout the more the number of reds depending on your martingale strength and balance before leading to a bust.
  9. I find this topic very interesting. But perspectives really matters a lot in responding and commenting on the said subject. To me, I don't think there should be space for it to lead to forceful-sex in the first place. Its either the guy is not responsible or the woman is not responsible cos I don't see reason why what should be a mutual understanding between both parties could degenerate so bad to lead to forcefulness.
  10. I made the suggestion for the notification and a couple of other additional features made here. But I missed out on it due to one or two reasons which can't be restored by admins as well. But ,have not really seen anyone claim their suggestion bounty yet.
  11. I haven't been constantly online here. But if you'd ask me, I will go with Edward's post. Be it good or bad it can't be deleted and comments will always troll in. So yeah!!
  12. High payout is bust, low payout is still bust. So between me and you, better go high since you will get a couple of greens of course, and in that course get enough to walk away to avoid d looming bust. Then come back after a break to keep your game going. It works fine that way.
  13. Try to get one where everyone wants faucet increment hahaha
  14. This is a very serious problem. Never new this such existed until now. Damn!!
  15. Have done this a lot of time. But it was with altcoin which was ltc. My worries were, how come it hits greens a lot with altcoin ? Was it because of the coin value ? Or its going to be the same if I used bitcoin ? Am still trying to figure it out.