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  1. Newbiee

    I dont think you can rely on gambling as kind of regularly income.
  2. was there any announcement how long the maintenance will take
  3. 196 countries

    Damn, now I'm hungry :-) I'd like to visit Scotland, Iceland and Patagonia. Like to see some vast and calm places to wipe off the hysterical stress of living in a big city
  4. show us your folklore song

    [.video=youtube;to1xT93IlUI] [/video.] That's not really from my country but still one of my favorite folk songs
  5. A Beer from an Austrian Village call F......

    That's a good marketing strategy
  6. Business with small capital

    That requires that your cooking skills are above average or you will bust
  7. travel to Pyramid of Egypt

    my father in law is from egypt, but he don't want us to travel there at the moment :-( If you have the wrong appearance or dont watch your mouth you'll end up in jail
  8. Monero mining website

    I dont think this site will last long.
  9. League of legends

    since I abandoned Windows, playing LOL on linux became a little bit complicated :-/
  10. Guess when i hit win 100k

    i wont call this a scam, Nobody invested time not money here. Though its disappointing.
  11. Loud fart

    some time ago my daughter did this to me but she didn't got a red face *little devil*
  12. cannot join stake forum :-/ confirmation email doesn't appear
  13. 📢 Cool new feature!

    I like this little features thanks for this an dkepe on the good work
  14. 8 health tips for computer users

    here we go: write to bigExploiter@smallbuisness.com about "little ant in front of the managers office"
  15. 8 health tips for computer users

    can you please tell my boss that i want to have a standing desk since 100 years