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  1. 100k loan to GokuHF

    Paid back 120k. 10k extra Thanks!
  2. 100k loan to GokuHF

    I accept!
  3. Free Ethereum Slots - No Deposit required

    I mean goodluck with winning.
  4. Free Ethereum Slots - No Deposit required

    Goodluck with this one bro!
  5. [Seeking] 300k loan!

    Still looking for this if anyone would like to offer.
  6. Nutritional Supplements

    This is more or less why I do not take anything at all.
  7. What is answer

    Amazing graphics work hahaha!
  8. [Seeking] 300k loan!

    hi looking for 300k will be paid back as 400k loan time: 5 days thanks.
  9. What is answer

    6÷2(1+2)=9 (Which is the equation Robear used) if 6÷(2(1+2))=1 (Which is the equation he did not use, but insisted this was the correct answer to the first equation)
  10. Last letter game

  11. 1st Forum Race (15th Jan - 22nd Jan)

  12. Last letter game

  13. Slow Profit Strats

    I may actually try this out, thanks so much for posting!
  14. Mass dive! :D (jan 16)

    I feel that with the fall of bitcoin, everything else falls with it.
  15. I'd have to say, my fave fruit would have to be mango's! So delicious and mmmmmm and veggie would have to be lettuce, hands down!