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  1. GokuHF

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  2. Lets do this guys! More people!
  3. As soon as we fill up spots
  4. Hey there PD community! As the title states, I will be hosting a live stream within an hour which will consist of a little game called OffTheBus. I play this game all the time at University (it's a drinking game, go figure) and it consists of you being able to guess the correct cards under the 4 categories. The deck will be faced down and I will draw the cards from the top of the deck. Categories: Black or Red (Choose whether the next card is Black or Red) High or Low (Choose whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previously selected card) Inbetween or outside (Choose whether the next card is inbetween the 2 previous cards, or outside of it. Example: Inbetween a King and 7. Card drawn: 9) Suit (Choose whether the suit of the next card) If you guess all 4 categories correctly in order, you will win 10k. I know I know... 10k for all that effort? I'm sorry, I don't have much funds on me, not like the big ballers. I'd just like to get something going and add more content to the site. NOTE: I am a fair person, so if you lose in any of the categories, you will get 1 extra chance to try again. After that, I will move onto the next person. I WILL TAKE ONLY 30 PEOPLE FROM PRIMEDICE AND 30 PEOPLE FROM STAKE TO BEGIN WITH. AS I SAID, I AM FAIR BUT I DO NOT HAVE FUNDS. STAFF MEMBERS HAVE AN AUTOMATIC ENTRY WITHIN THIS CONTEST. THIS INCLUDES SUPPORTS, MODS AND ADMINS. THEY WILL NOT BE COUNTED WITHIN THE 30. IF YOU HAVE AN ALT, DON'T BOTHER AS I WILL BE ASKING STAFF MEMBERS TO CHECK THAT FOR ME IF POSSIBLE. LETS BE FAIR. Goodluck to everyone! Stream link will be posted within chat. The next 30 people to comment on this thread will get a placing. Any after that will have to wait for the next time I do this.
  5. Hey all! So as of recent, I've been on dinner duties for my family. I cook almost every night for them because I am usually the first one home from work. When I get home, I clean and cook so when everyone else gets home, all they need to do is eat and just relax. So what I made today: Goku's creamy sausages! It indeed is delicious and my family love it when I make it. It costs around $10-$15 to make a pot big enough to feed a family of about 6-8 (7 people in my family). Quick, easy and so delicious!
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  7. GokuHF

    1 million loan

    accept ty ez
  8. GokuHF

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    Accepted. Considered it paid off after this post. Will be paying it off now.
  9. GokuHF

    500k loan

  10. GokuHF

    Hidden 1 BTC.

    What exactly must we do? Haha, I don't understand.
  11. I just got 2 in a row right as he posted for 3 in a row lol
  12. 3 in a row for a 1 BTC prize hahaha
  13. Nice, pretty sweet idea actually. I can imagine seeing about over 50-60 winners within the coming week.
  14. GokuHF

    The Super Saiyan Training

    Haha nice one dmb! So you mean something like this right? or this? Hehehe