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  1. This guy is a SCAMMER! Does not pay back loans. Beware of him!

  2. geheimdienst


    Altcoins [Article for the 2nd Race: Feel free to move if I have chosen the wrong Forum for it] Lets talk aboiut altcoins - not that I enjoy talking about it but someone is poiting a gun to my head right now and I am forced to say something about it. I wont explain what altcoins are because im not concentrated enough for that due to the life treatening situation im in at the moment. First thing that comes in mind were the good old days in 2013 when we bought graphic cards worth hundreds of thausands only to mine those stupid Dogecoins, Peercoins, Feathercoins & Co. We had to build an entire computer with a case and a cooling that was capable of keeping everything cool with three graphic-cards running on full power. I bought around 10 diferent cases just for testing and they all failed. All systems I build were shutting down on a regular bases. Even though the electricity didnt matter, it was a massive waste of resources at that time. Then the first "script-miner" came out. They were great for mining LTC..... But the first batches were all a hoax. KMC delivered their models too late - like always and before those machines were delivered, it ws already not worth it anymore since the difficulty was rising like crazy. Over all I would say: It is too late to get into mining now. No matter if altcoins or not. The effort and the costs have no relation to the outcome. Its ending in a mess. It would only pay out if you had massive resources to waste without depending on the profits. In other words - spare money that can be blown into a nerd-hobby. Seriously - just dont do it
  3. geheimdienst

    Goods and services

    [Duno if thats the right Forum for topics that belong to the 2nd Race. If its the wrong one please move it. One more article will follow within next 30min] Purchasing goods and services is the purpose of any currency so its not much different to Bitcoin & Co. Lets have a look into this from a special angle that also will answer the question "why we dont know who Satoshi Nakamoto" is. The birth of Bitcoin goes hand in hand with the brth of the most darknet Marketplace Silk Road. At the very beginning of Silk Road, when Bitcoins value was less than 1USD, there was a transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto to Silk Roads Admin "Dread Pirat Roberts" of 30 000 USD worth of Bitcoin. That alone puts Nakamotos safety at risk if his identity would be known. Silr Road allowed users to buy and sell all kind of Narcotics. Soon various services were added. Started from normal exchange over Fraud, Hacking and even Hitman-Services (even though its very doubtful if last ones were legit or not). From the very beginning Bitcoin was the perfect currency for any trade under the radar. Due to the nature of blockchain and blockchain-analytics Bitcoin becomes less interesting for such things but will more likely remain due to its popularity. The current rise of its price is a slap in the face of many sites that have their micro-transaction business based on Bitcoin. Best example: Prepaid-Codes with a value of 10USD or Pizza Orders. It would have not been a big deal to add other coins as option. For example: LTC, Dash, Monero or even BCH. I would say that developers were just sleeping. Actually, I would have to continue now with few more pages but it would blow the 250 words, right? Have a nice one.
  4. I usually pick the sexiest Avatar from one site to use it on the next site... For porn Forums I use random avatars from other forum users....
  5. Id like to see primedice realiznig its 2018 (or 2008?) and that running a BTC-only site is outdated. Wouldnt be a big deal to add 5-10 more coins with a site internal exchange (where we will be glad to pay some percentage fee each time)..... I mean... Others managed it too, to get it working, right? And Id love to see that rediculous Jackpott removed. As a player it fels like an insult. I could offer 500 BTC giveaways but u will have to guess the last 10 chars of my private key.... Its as good as impossible to get. So if there is a will to pay out something it shouldnt be such a joke, I came here with some real money and wouldnt give a shit if there was no Jackpott. But the fact that something gets offered which is out of reach is just..... (sorry for repeating myself) a massive insult.
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    My breakfast

    This is my breakfast.... It goes fast, doesnt take much time and u feel fit for the day.... (If ur under 18 better ask ur parents first if they agree if u do that)
  7. geheimdienst

    Dream car

    Its a Tesla.... from 0 to 100 within 1.7 sec, unleashing 1.3GForces on your body... Best feature is: Autopilot. Well its kinda irresponsible releasing a car in Beta status but there is nothing compared to this car...
  8. I know I dont have the 20 posts yet... Dont worry about that. 21582021015 21581995725 21581989000 21581778170 21581486745 21581448595 21582272799 21582528681 Ill add the pictures later...
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    Secret Service here

    I had to report you.....
  10. geheimdienst

    Secret Service here

    Hey everyone, Im 16 years old and want to get into gambling adiction like the rest of my family.... Okay, lets do that again: Im more than 2x16.... and I played on many sites. PD so far is the only site that seems to have a nice community so I hang a bit with you guys. My expectation is really just fun - not aiming for big wins and dont get mad. I enjoy trolling, spamming, drug abuse,... and messing with you guys. Will check what others are saying and see if I will add some personal things or not... I know im around since a while but never said hello in the Forum. oh yeah.... greez BLA all the way
  11. geheimdienst

    🏆 The Longest Streak Giveaway

    I love this competition even if I dont have enough posts to participate (no worries I wont spam lol) Its super exciting to see what actually is possible, streak wise. My guess would be: 18-21 greens in a row for the winner at the end.
  12. Public messages are overrated

  13. geheimdienst

    HungerGames: Q&A + Whitelist&Blacklist

    username: geheimdienst thank you