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  1. #1 Jackpot Giveaway

    Nice lottery! Low price, nice wins! Only took me 1 bet from faucet
  2. B-DAY giveaway!!! 250k

    Pretty cool! I should have done the same. But I turned 22 last friday, and started gambling again yesterday
  3. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    Nice giveaway! I only am pretty new over here
  4. Hey fellow PDicers. Is it an option to move the ignore button from bottom to top, when you click on a username? I often ignore someone because someone else sends something in the chat and the popup going up. I think this is pretty annoying, how about you? When it's on the top (above Message) we cannot click it by accident. GeertBank P.S. I also noticed the /unignore is cap-sensitive when you added someone to your list. Maybe we should fix this too?
  5. Primedice Forum Released

    Oh no! Spam incoming
  6. [Closed] 0.02 BTC Giveaway

    Nice Giveaway!