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  1. Pokemon Go

    В игру не играл и вам не советую . Было из-за нее очень много несчастных случаев с участием детей...
  2. love vs money?

    As for me - good love ,cant be without good amount of money in your pocket!=]
  3. Christmas Heroes

    Nice ! Time for high rollers,hahaha.
  4. Most earned in a week

    My maximum was like 0.2-0.3 btc in one week D: But never more the this amount
  5. Christmas Support Roll Hunt

    Nice giveaway! Gonna join it as soon,as I will get XMAS salary and pay my loans back
  6. I Love 9900x

    Such a nice hits dre Waiting u on Primedice
  7. Primedice 2017 Awards

    Most loveable Primedicer: Faris93 Funniest Primdice: ledust Favorite Primedice forum poster: UltraChief Favorite Primedice chat user: Robear Most intelligent Primedicer: Yaronovich Most influential Primedicer: Bulbes Best Primedice moderator: Biggad Funniest Primedice support member: Bojana Favorite Primedice support member: Irena Favorite Primedice admin: Edward
  8. Hey,looking for 200k loan for 10 days maximum 10% per day. Thank you!
  9. Dogecoin

    Actually,dont like this cheap cryptocurrency at all. Just my opinion
  10. 250k loan

    Received . Thank you!
  11. 250k loan

    Hi,looking for 250k . gonna pay back in 10 days 10% per day thanks!
  12. Best Gambling Site 2017

    Voted for PD Eddie! As always da best
  13. 200k loan

    Payed back 220k . Please confirm it. Thanks !
  14. Okie. So I dont need this loan,already received it. Hope your bank will come back soon. Thank you =]