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  1. PD Forum - Good News and Bad News

    Good to here that, sir! Well, it’s really good not to see those spammy people anymore
  2. BTC will go $5000?

    You guys are all wrong, the $5000 will not hit next year, it’s the current price now! And not just $5000 but over $5700. Nothing’s gonna stop BTC from rising
  3. At the time of my posting, the value of 1 Bitcoin is whooping ~5700 USD. I learned about Bitcoin just last April-May, and the value of 1 BTC is just 1700 USD. Question: for those who do not have patience in holding their BTC for long time or those who have yet to invest, with BTC’s value now, did you regret that you didn’t hold or invested BTC while its value is still low? For me, yes. If I just invested when I first learned about it, I should have tripled the value of what I’ve invested. Well, as we, Filipinos say, “nasa huli ang pagsisisi” or “you’ll regret at the end” (please correct my translation if it doesn’t sound right )
  4. PD Forum - Good News and Bad News

    I’ve been inactive too for some time because of school works. Wonder why others gone inactive 🤔
  5. Good news is I can no longer see (or it just decreased) spam posts. Bad news is I can also no longer see most of the users post. They’ve gone inactive since the removal of the PPP I think. I hope this forum will not go totally inactive. And hopefully, those inactive users will come back Do we have the same thoughts? Or what are your suggestions that you think might help the PD Forum Team to make the Forum active again?

    Sa oras ng pagpost ko, ang value ng 1 Bitcoin ay ~5,700 USD o ~300,000 PHP Tanong ko lang, lalo na sa mga hindi naghold ng kanilang BTC at sa mga hindi pa nag-iinvest, nagsisisi ka ba na hindi mo hinold o hindi ka nag-invest noong una mong nalaman ang Bitcoin? Ako, oo. Nalaman ko ang bitcoin noong April-May lang, mababa pa ang value ng BTC that time, umabot ng ~90,000 PHP ang 1 BTC. Kung nag-invest na sana ako sa mga panahong iyon ay hindi lang doble kundi triple na sana ang value niya ngayon. Yung mga natatanggap ko din sa mga bounty ay wini-withdraw ko agad. Sobrang nasasayangan ako ngayon. Nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi.
  7. Last copied

    #jessewins Just watched @Jesse39's stream a while ago
  8. Last letter game

  9. Last letter game

  10. Stake Giveaway(0.002 BTC)

    Username: eldrindcm Roll: 12345
  11. I love mobile photography

    Win from PD and buy one. You deserve it
  12. Buy and Sell (PD to Coins.ph and vice versa)

    Yes, coins to non-coins address is 2k sats lang ang lowest fee.
  13. Last letter game

  14. Buy and Sell (PD to Coins.ph and vice versa)

    Almost 2k sats nalang sa ngayon. Pero pag mas mataas sa 5k sats, dito nalang makipag-exchange
  15. Last letter game

    Bro, read the rules again