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  1. What's your oldest memory you have on Primedice? Personally I remember when we started out with a small bank roll (The equiv. of a few bitcoins today) & nearly getting cleaned to our first bettor. We had to buy Bitcoin from Bitinstant in a complete hurry in order to pay him out. Luckily we made it in time as our reputation was fully on the line at that point. Being new to the Bitcoin gambling scene I remember being worried as anything that this was a completely failed venture! Good times looking back. How about yours?
  2. This topic is coming to a close https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1417922.320= Should vote PD if you're able to! Otherwise let us know what you voted below!
  3. How long have you been gambling?

    Since I was like 11 lol
  4. Edit: This is now closed, feel free to post free reviews on your favourite websites however! - How to claim your BTC: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/43-write-a-review-for-a-website-and-get-0001-btc-each/ Go to https://forum.cryptogambling.org Write a short, 4 - 8 sentence review on a website under the verified & non verified websites forum sections and we will pay you 0.001 BTC. Once you write a review post here with how many reviews you've done & your BTC address. Reviews which are not up to standards (Good grammar, good content, relevant content etc.) will be deleted and you will not be paid. You post the reviews under the topic for the relevant website as a post reply. Link to verified operators: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/forum/54-verified-operators-feedback-complaints-discussion/ Link to non verified operators: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/forum/55-non-verified-operators-feedback-complaints-discussion/ Post any questions here.
  5. It's nearly Christmas and Primedice never misses a year to spread some love! What's a fun, Christmas styled giveaway we can host for this year? I've got some in mind but would love some help coming up with something awesome for this year!
  6. https://cryptogambling.org/ The CGF (Crypto Gambling Foundation) sets aside a goal to bring together all websites with the same take on gambling; fairness & transparency. You can find all the information about what we're about on the website above. The main defining factor is the fairness aspect however, we need you to have a fully provably fair website. I'm wondering, what websites do you think meet this criteria and deserve to be a part of it?
  7. On behalf of Primedice/Stake & the Crypto Gambling Foundation I'm looking for people who are able to write articles about specific topics related to gambling. Here's some example of articles: https://cryptogambling.org/articles/ The articles don't have to be technical like most of the ones above, but having some technical background is a bonus. You will be required to have experience in writing articles and I'll be asking for your portfolio. Message me on Telegram (@EdMiroslav) if you'd be interested in this opportunity! I'll be able to give more information there.
  8. Sleep Cycle

    A friend of mine tried this. Worked for a while. I think he's back to the normal 8 hour sleep a night now
  9. Pay Per Post is Back!

    Don't spam.
  10. I'm going to invest 10 BTC into whatever you guys tell me to. Any altcoin listed on Poloniex. The most votes for a coin in the next few days will win. If you guys make me money I'll split
  11. Sadly a lot of people are using forum.stake.com only now despite being a big part of the Primedice community. Let's reboot this forum. From now on I'll take care of this forum a bit more whilst Dan focuses on Stake's. To get things started, post 5 topics & 20 posts in the next 7 days and you'll be credited 0.001 BTC. First 100 people only. If support have any suspicion you're not a legit member of the Primedice community and are botting/multi accounting you won't be credited. To enter simply post your username once you're done.
  12. Looking for some ideas, 20 billion bets is coming up!
  13. Hi all just joined

    Welcome! Hope you stick around
  14. 196 countries

    Travelling is something also on my bucketlist. Hope you enjoy Europe!
  15. I'll buy - Add me on Telegram - @EdMiroslav