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  1. Bitcoin Trading Regret/Mistake

    God don't even wanna think about it. Sold way too many coins low
  2. Thing's Money Cant Buy

    Health to an extent... It's an odd question which I think about. It can't buy a lot of things, but it can definitely improve most things.
  3. 2 years in the making, $5m+ spent on development etc. Get on it
  4. https://www.facebook.com/StakeCasino/
  5. What kind of Poker you like most?

    ALl the other ones make no sense to me at all... With that said the normal one barely makes any sense to me (From a logical gameplay standpoint lol)
  6. Thank the forum itself

    @dan is my love. Cheers bro you run this show beautifully. Not to mention all the mods.
  7. Awesome site. Primedice obviously better though
  8. Do you think investing ICO worth it?

    Definitely not - They're all more or less scams
  9. Looking for suggestions on to make Primedice more fun for users. Lately activity has dived and I'd love to hear some new features from the current community you'd love to see. @dan will review these & come up with some great ways to make the forum more entertaining. In the mean time keep an eye out for some awesome announcements coming in the next 48 hours.
  10. btc or eth?

    Bitcoin, if needed Bitcoin will update its software to compete with Eth
  11. Biggest online win and where was it?

    Be careful ever going back there - They're a 100% confirmed scam website. One of the few sites I will advocate like this against.
  12. make yourself heard on the price is right

    Fuck, didn't even cross my mind BTC dropping below 1k... Gonna stick with over :).
  13. Bitcointalk.org

    Pretty sure we started signature campaigns and it ended up ruining Bitcointalk... The quality of posting there is nothing like it used to be due to the signature campaigns. Not like this forum can talk much lol. At least we cut the bullshit & are straight up with PPP.