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  1. Posting this on behalf of a friend, thought it might be interesting to some people here. Please save both yours and their time with any bullshit
  2. Hey all, Primedice is rotating all server seeds as a of a new 3 month security protocol. Due to this you will need to choose a new client seed. If you wish to bet with your current client seed please do so quickly. If you have any inconveniences please reach out. Ed
  3. What was your most memorable moment, biggest achievement or simply most outstanding part of 2017? Lets not think about all we're going to do in 2018 but reflect on the good things that happened in 2017!
  4. I am looking for experienced translators who are also capable of running small brand management campaigns. Currently looking for: - Vietnamese - Korean - Ukranian - Romanian - Italian - Chinese - French Open to other languages too. Add me on Telegram (@EdMiroslav) if you're interested. The work will require around 5 - 10 hours a week and your pay will be definitely worth your while.
  5. As far as cryptos go, what does your portfolio currently look like? I'm 90% BTC & 10% BCH
  6. Wondering, other than PD (Or Stake), what forums do you use to discuss Bitcoin related subjects? Or even forums where Bitcoin discussion is evident. I'd love to check them out! Maybe even spread some love with some giveaways over there.
  7. Coin joins are pretty decent solutions. Bitmixer closed recently & pretty much said there isn't any practical solution to mixing coins and staying anonymous. XMR is your best bet.
  8. The Bitcoin network is in a sticky situation. The fees as we know are fairly ridiculous. Exactly how has this affected your Primedice use & what would be your ideal solution from our end? This may range from us upping fees on withdrawals to adding alt coins.
  9. Pay per post ruins the quality :/

    I'm under the impression the quality has gone up. This is definitely thanks to @Dan & all the moderators who put the effort into containing the forum.
  10. Fedcoin instead of US Dollar?

    Fedcoin... Sounds almost comedic. I don't see this becoming a reality anytime soon, but I'm sure blockchain is going to have an impact on pretty much every industry, including government (And the Fed).
  11. For everyone with either over 100 chat messages or 10 forum posts I'm going to personally give $2 worth of Bitcoin to. Only for the first 200 people! Post your PD username and I'll credit you in a week. Merry Christmas guys. This is just a giveaway from me, expect some stuff from official Primedice soon! Edit: Since this is my giveaway I have the right not to credit obvious alt accounts & abusers, so don't bother <3
  12. https://www.cryptocompare.com/spend/gambling/primedice/ Go on this website, give Primedice a good review & 5 stars. Make sure you use GOOD GRAMMAR and write a GOOD review with at least 3 sentences. Post here with your username on the review site alongside your Primedice name
  13. You simply mixed your coins. We're not paying $100's in fee's to confirm your TX's faster.
  14. Personally haven't cashed out ever. Mad respect to the large amount of people who don't.
  15. I would have to say, even though people might think I'm crazy, but Roger Ver. Owning Bitcoin.com & his massive amounts of money he has alongside following has created a successful fork of Bitcoin which is actually going really well. What he has done is actually quite remarkable. Mad respect to him, despite having different opinions to a lot of us.