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  1. That Micro one hahahahah <3
  2. Have reported to Google Ads on a reputable account, hopefully will get a response quickly.
  3. Yep they're legit but not provably fair
  4. Good luck! Duckdice has a cool interface, just be careful of their lack of reputation... With that said I'd personally go there over any site such as Bitsler etc
  5. I'll still be around but Micro is very capable of making Primedice the best it can possibly be.
  6. Micro has been moved to CEO of Primedice after the forfeiture of Stunna & myself as advisory. This transition stage will take place over the course of a few weeks.
  7. Nop never, keen to come see you guys though <3
  8. Fuck I know what instantly came to my head when I saw this... However I enjoy swimming. Watching that black line on the bottom of the pool as you do relaxed laps is reassuring.
  9. Proves to work. I think it's too late for countries like America to turn back however.
  10. Fuck all mining/hashing companies. They're always ending up scamming people.
  11. Are people not sticking to the schedule?
  12. Wouldn't put priority on it but seems cool