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  1. PD Member makeup

    whats that anyway
  2. What you think about btc and eth

    Grow grow growing just like gold. Then might crash suddently
  3. How did i make 630k and 400k from faucet?

    Ye it happens eventually where other times u just bust... Typical
  4. Where do you spend your bitcoin?

    Steam already allows to pay with Bitcoins. Just got a game with it.
  5. Where do you spend your bitcoin?

    Possible will reach 10k this year and maybe drops down again
  6. BitcoinCash

    I've read it will replace Bitcoin's current price and Bitcoin will go back to $1k in 2018
  7. The 7 types of gambler- what type are you?

    Im probabily Casual Social Gamblers i just dont know
  8. Nice stream you had today keep it up.
  9. Satoshi Wars : play and win BTC

    Is it paying? Looks like pokebits same owner Ah found it: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1616947.0
  10. Church and Bitcoin

    Lol good one. Im just impressed really
  11. PD streamers???

    There are probabily streamers out there doing Primedice and Stake...
  12. Gee - free 100 tokens

    It's worth a try
  13. @Bojana update me please