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  1. Been there back when Doublecoins.com was online made some 0.08 from them. Later on the next doubling got without them =/ Glad i've started with only 0.01 tough. Now will never deposit again into these cash grabs scams
  2. My YouTube Cooking Channel

    Davai some Pics
  3. Ye totally agree. You can not just enphase the same topic over and over again else they would not even give it a chance and forget about it
  4. 196 countries

    Humm love them always when i get some for Christmas
  5. Racists in chat

    Oh or just contact support so they get banned right away
  6. Loud fart

    Actually Chineses are the best with their skills
  7. [Oct 2] 5 dollars free worth of ICO

    Wow right on it! Thanks
  8. Hola!

    Hola! mas 1 que habla espanol. Pero no soy Espanol
  9. que navegador usas para jugar en primedice?

    Google Chrome para todo. Es el mejor que hay.
  10. Vender mis altcoins o esperar mas?

    Es siempre bueno mirar lo que passa con las transaciones de los alts antes de empiezar a tradear...
  11. Awesome! Ye same toughts as @Bojana Username: DreamStage Entrance at Signature ofc
  12. Loud fart

    Lol i bet she was like omg what will i do now! Hide!
  13. Primedice Levelling System

    but stake isn't PD and i'm waiting positively on this updates
  14. Primedice Levelling System

    Same... Any latest feedback?