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  • Primedice

    I sold 2 btc few years ago for $250 each.
  2. Negan Investment Group: Everybody can earn money

    Ok gonna pm me, sounds interesting.
  3. Well my account is from 2015 and I received nothing. Read on bitcointalk other users already got it.
  4. Trade Your Forum Sats for PD Funds!

    I would like to trade 60k for 50k on PD.
  5. 9900x hunt

    I hunt a lot on 9900x. It's hard but fun when you hit it. Just expect a lot of reds. 50k+ is very common.
  6. Unlocking the bonus (safest method)

    Dont share my tactic The clue here is just to except the losses due the house edge and still end up with a big profit.
  7. Recent Posts

    Could it be possible to disable the local boards from the recent posts. When I see the Recent posts I see this: For the most users, the recent posts is useless because the most are English-speaking I guess.
  8. Deposit Bonuses are Traps

    I finished the bonuses 30-40 times already. The trick is: When you got a nice profit, just start unlocking the bonus with lets say 1k bets on 1.25x. You will loose the house edge but still end up with a nice profit without any risk. Exampe: You deposit 0.01 and with a bonus it will become 0.022. When you hit lets say 0.1 balance you already can start unlocking. You need to wager at most 0.012 x 110 (but probably a lot less because you was already playing) = 2.2 BTC. If you start rolling 1k bets on 1.25 without any multiplier on loss you will lose around the 0.022 due the House Edge. You end up with around the 0.078 without any risk unlocking.
  9. DuckDice 200% deposit bonus

    Just by wagering
  10. DuckDice 200% deposit bonus

    Well you have to unlock the bonus and after that you can withdraw it. Done that already 30-40 times or so.
  11. DuckDice 200% deposit bonus

    You have to unlock the bonus. It's for all members. Check the bonus page.
  12. What? Are you gonna leave us ?