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  1. Expert on 1.10X (90%)

    I got one time 7 greens in a row on 9.9% ;-) Don't know my best record on 1.1x, on 1.25x it was 83 greens in a row.
  2. Site down

    Here too
  3. 12 times isn't that uncommon. Everything higher then multiplier x 10 become rare.
  4. 0.4 and lost it in 1 roll on 1.25x
  5. What is the highest multiplier you had?

    Best was 9900x with 2k sat
  6. Maybe I come back when the roll speed is much faster then now. Now it's damn slow
  7. 9900x hunt

    That was nice. I couldn't find the bet.
  8. 9900x hunt

    Yesterday I hit 3 times a 0 within 1k rolls https://duckdice.io/share/bet/35b88dded8 https://duckdice.io/share/bet/7d344bb29e https://duckdice.io/share/bet/569b6bb34b
  9. 9900x hunt

    I remember HUI won 11btc with a 9900x
  10. 9900x hunt

    And a new one https://duckdice.io/share/bet/9be37d4947
  11. I Love 9900x

    Guess i wont be playing anymore on PD. Got muted here, no one knows why and after not getting an answer I wont put any energy anymore to come back. Just lurking the forum here.
  12. 9900x hunt

    Hit my last 9900x after 50k reds , nothing weird about it
  13. I Love 9900x

    I remember Hui won 11BTC with a 9900x hit.
  14. I Love 9900x

    Got a new one
  15. 9900x hunt

    Yeah Finally hitted a new one