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  1. 9900x hunt

    Hit my last 9900x after 50k reds , nothing weird about it
  2. I Love 9900x

    I remember Hui won 11BTC with a 9900x hit.
  3. I Love 9900x

    Got a new one
  4. 9900x hunt

    Yeah Finally hitted a new one
  5. now check the chance to get the JP here you also need to check it by yourself and if you had missed it, you wont get anything. I prefer a lower JP, with a higher chance to hit and when I hit it will be credited automatically.
  6. Gladly I still got my 3500sat faucet
  7. 1btc = 10k in December 2017?

    Who knows, there is hardly no resistance.
  8. DuckDice

    I did what? I never let a topic delete here.
  9. DuckDice

    As you can read in the topic all has been solved. Or you must be game-over, the black-mailer. Like no other dice-site got an scam accusation: https://www.google.nl/search?q=primedice+scam&oq=primedice+scam&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i60l3.2591j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Running a dice-site will always cause those threads. Duckdice is there already for a year and if this was the only problem, i don't see any problems.
  10. I Love 9900x

    Just saved it in a cold wallet.
  11. I Love 9900x

    Got those nice hits within 2k rolls or so. https://duckdice.io/share/bet/2438467847 https://duckdice.io/share/bet/eb82b74399
  12. I left PD a year ago and find out that i was muted when i tried to come back. Looks like that is because i didn't made a deposit for 3 months or so. No problem with that, but there is no warning about the reason. Only the muted message. They should improve that. Don't know if I join it again. maybe
  13. Primedice Faucet Limit

    My faucet was 3300 and don't know what it is now. Still have to deposit again to get my account unmuted. Gladly i still have an other site with 3500sat Faucet.
  14. Pay Per Post is Back!

    Well, if you just read this topic you will see already a lot of nonsense posts. People already started posting rubbish again. Hope they just set a max-posts a day/hour .

    I sold 2 btc few years ago for $250 each.