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  1. Hahahaha. At least you saved 2btc for ya. well, we'll never know. 8BTC bankroll gives ya a big opportunity to make more. 👍
  2. dmbadillo10

    [Challenge] - Forum Satoshis to 0.01BTC

    Hahahaha. I won't. 😂😂😂😂 I haven't been active for weeks now. 😃👍
  3. Lol. 😂😂😂 Aim for like 1BTC max profit. 😃😂
  4. Sad to see that you weren't able to keep this one up. But good job on at least reaching Day 20. 👍
  5. dmbadillo10

    1 BTC in 18 Days

    I wish you goodluck on this. Just like what the others said, this is attainable. However, within the 18-day period, you might slip. Just be careful and strategic. 😄👍
  6. dmbadillo10

    Back of the Faucet

    Yes. The have increased the faucet from 10 sats to 50 sats. And yes, this is better than nothing. Hope the naggers will be lessen.
  7. dmbadillo10

    MinerFarm - Passive Kita Sa Araw-Araw 😉💰💰

    Salamat Sir. Pag may tanong ka kung paano to, message mo lang ako sa tele. 😁😀
  8. Yes. 😊 I'm not losing hope for ETN. 👍 Nice. I am holding a few ETH too and slowly profiting as the prices continue to rise. Hope that it continues to go up for the month. 😄
  9. Yup. Me too. Thats why i only HODL a few. Mainly BTC and ETN for me. 👍😃
  10. dmbadillo10

    New Design, many issues

    You will only see "Online" (Green status) and "Busy" (Red Status) friends. Those who are away/offline are not on the list. Tip amount is now dollar-based. Meaning, your minimum tip amount is equivalent to $1 worth of sats, based on the current BTC price.
  11. Thanks Sir Dan!! 👍
  12. Well, I would say a BIG "YES" since I always wanted to have that Blue Heart beside my ID. Hahaha. 😂💙 It indicates that you're forum-active, and others wanted to have it too. 👍😊
  13. dmbadillo10

    The online Casino history

    These history info is a good read. Check out the link provided guys! Worth the time. 👍😊
  14. Heya rollers and rolletes 😃 As of 11:00 PM (MNL Time): Huge leap for BTC! All coins continues the rally! 👍👍👍 Source: https://coinmarketcap.com
  15. Great news then. 👍 Let's all watch over the prices. I am also posting daily updates here in the forums for the top 10 coins. 😃😄