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  1. 1st Forum Race (15th Jan - 22nd Jan)

    @Bojana 💜💛💚❤💙 My third topic. So now 2 topics on Humour, 1 on Goods and Services. 😁 Check it out:
  2. Ever wanted a car? Or a trailer truck? Or even a cool motorcycle of your own? Me, of course yes. But saying "YES, I wanna!" will not give you that. And of course, those things are way too expensive. Especially if you don't have a job. Nyahahaha. 😂😂😂 But hey, there are places in the internet wherein you can see vehicles listed, on very cheap prices. And oh, they accept gift cards and you can try the vehicle for 5 days, and return it if you are not satisfied. How about that? Interested? Tempted? Think again bro. Well, see, I work on a Call Center Company (BPO, in simple words, outsourced by US overseas. You guys know this. 🤣), and I have experienced a lot of these stuff day on day. Even now that I am promoted. I've talked to customers about this kind of transactions online. And believe me bro, these schemes are very tempting, you not realizing that it's too good to be true scam sh*t. Let me share a very good example. Most of us know about ebay right? This name is often used in these scams. Here's how the scum bags do it. So, they post a car online for example. Most of the time, I hear Craiglist (or Craigslist, doesn't matter.) is the place where people finds the car. It is posted at a very, I mean very funny price as low as 500 - 2000$. So the victim initiates communication through personal email. They will now close the deal, and the scum bags tell a lot of crap like eBay Buyer Protection, Invoice number, Order number and all those fake stuff. Funny thing is, you fell for it, because it seems legit, having the said company's colorful logo on the emails. Once you confirm you want it, they will now tell you how to pay. They will ask you to pay using ebay gift cards, for the reason that it is a much easier and faster way. Then they will tell that they will ship the car from their warehouse somewhere near your state after you make the initial deposit. After that, you will wait. Let's say a day or 2. Then will be contacted by the scumbags again, asking for additional payment through GC for additional shipping costs. And you will fall for it again. Another 2 or 3 days will pass, and you tried to contact them. Guess what. They're not responding to your emails anymore. You try to ring the number they gave you. Invalid number. What do you do now? Call ebay. Rant on to the company, and wanted to get your money back. ( When the company is not really involved. Yes, their name was in front, but man, did you see where the car was listed? You should've wondered at the start, instead of getting excited to have a brand new sports car for a thousand bucks. 😭😁). See my point here is, it is pretty damn obvious that you can't buy a car that cheap, even a preloved one. After all the hope, you now fire and bark at the wrong tree. Seesh. Also my point, my homies in the US and all over the globe has to learn that you don't pay vehicles with Gift Cards! Even the real deal does not use that mode of payment! And most importantly, learn to purchase online first and know the platform first before engaging to transactions. Remember, this is online. You dont really see and know the person you're talking to. Right now as you read, these stuff is still on going. All over the internet. If these tards would try to scam my countrymen, they'll just get tripped and made fun off by my folks. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  3. 1st Forum Race (15th Jan - 22nd Jan)

    Nice. Imma try to post some more if needed. Thanks @Bojana! ❤
  4. Satoshi Farming - My Top 5 Satoshi Faucet Apps

    Heya @xMossx 😁 These apps here are the best out for mobile. Ive been using them for a quite some time. Yes, there are ads, but not like the other apps, these has lesser ads, especially when you have the boosters for each app. These ones are worth the try and worth keeping. 📰💵😎
  5. Primedice withdraw should be lowered

    I am good with the current withdrawal limit. Why? - lowering it would cause blockchain traffic. - having that limit makes us win more. I mean, it makes us bet wisely. You get this, I know. Instead of lowering the withdrawal limit, lower down the withdrawal fee back to 30k. Hahahaha. Peace out!
  6. Satoshi Farming - My Top 5 Satoshi Faucet Apps

    Try the ones on the list. They have lesser adds. 😁 Nice. Im using them all. 😁 Thanks for commenting guys! Kindly upvote the ones you like. And share some that you use so we can all earn our free time. 😎💵 @CaptainLorca @asgaard @skywallkee @iTem @enhuush
  7. Satoshi Farming - My Top 5 Satoshi Faucet Apps

    Heya buddy. Yea, I have withdrawn from these apps. And i've lost those months ago. Ahahahua. Fun for coin screen shot: CBN games withdrawal screenshot: 💵💵💵💵💵 Here ya go.. See screenshots here buddy. CBN Games: Fun For Coin game:
  8. 1st Forum Race (15th Jan - 22nd Jan)

    @Bojana heya! 😁 Got 1 additional topic here. 2 topics posted. Are we done on the forum topics and other tasks?
  9. Good day everyone! Having a bad day on rolling that dice? Or maybe, tired of waiting for your deposit to be confirmed? Or maybe you've already BUST all that you have? This happens to most of us (me, several times. 😂😂😂). That feeling of losing every ounce of satoshi you had, and then telling yourself: "I should've stopped.". 😭😢 What do we do after these stuff? While waiting for depos or mourning for loses, you can still earn and make use of time. 💵✔ Today, let me share my Top 5 satoshi faucet apps, and some honorable mentions. 😎😁 I would assume that almost 100% of our population here in the community is well-aware what a faucet means. For starters, in simple words, it's a free stuff when you can ooze satoshis by clicking or watching an ad, answering captchas, etc. for a certain time. (e.g. every 15 or 30 minutes.). You get very small satoshi earnings on every certain time limit, but if you have lots of faucets (the reliable and paying ones of course), you can make something out of nothing. Now let's start with the countdown. Keep in mind that all apps are free on the app store and paying. 5. Claim Free Bitcoin - by JPLabs - This app is created by JPLabs and from CBN (Claim Bitcoin Network). It is like a simple slot machine-like game where it ramdomly chooses the amount of satoshi you'll get every 15 minutes. You have 3 tries to get the highest amount of satoshi on the board. The prizes depends on how much BTC's price in market goes. Payouts can be on several ways: Direct Wallet Payment: You need to have a minimum of 100k satoshis to choose this payment. No fees. XAPO wallet payments: You need to earn 20k satoshis to choose this payment. No fees. Coins.ph wallet payments: 20k satoshis. No fees. 4. Wheel of Satoshi - by JPLabs - Same creator, same concept. This one's like Claim Free Bitcoin, but in a form of Wheel of Fortune game. You have 3 tries to spin the wheel and get the highest possible amount. BTW, what you earn from the Claim Free Bitcoin game is combined with what you earn on Wheel of Satoshi, since it is from the same creator, and you will be required to login using only 1 Google account. 3. Satoshi Slots - by JPLabs - So CBN gave us another way of adding satoshi earnings. Again, same concept. You will play slot machine, and have 3 spins to get the highest amount. What you earn here is combined to what you earn to the first 2 games mentioned above. With 3 games every 15 minutes, well not that big, but something to look forward to every interval. You can earn higher amounts on these games from CBN by having the HEART icon. Notice on the images, upper right corner. You can get that by viewing the ads at the bottom of every page of the app. 2. Lucky Satoshi - by BitCypher Labs - Well, this game, somehow, has the same concept with the first 3 mentioned games, though they have different devs. On this game, you'll have 3 tries to choose from the coins, and get the highest amount possible every 15 minutes. 1. Bitcoin Roulette - by BitCypher Labs - Yes, you've guessed it. Same dev, same concept. Spin the roulette 3 times until you get the highest amount on the wheel every 15 minutes. They also have same payment methods as mentioned above. Direct wallet payments - minimum 50k satoshi, no fees. Coins.ph, coinbase, and Xapo wallet payments - 25k minimum, no fees. Aaaaannd we got an honoralbe mention, right here. Fun For Coin - by NewfieSoft - This was my first ever faucet used. I've done couple of withdrawals and still using it. But there are rumors that they stopped paying. So this app has a faucet that you can ooze every 1 hour, giving you a chance to get 1 to 1000 satoshi every hour. It also has a Wheel of Fortune, A slot machine, and a Scratch Card that has higher prizes, but can only be played once every 24 hours. Minimum earnings to pay out is much higher that the games mentioned above. You need to earn 250k satoshis to cash out. Any wallet address would do. No fees. There. That's what I do on free time and what i can recommend as my best faucet apps that I can justify that is legit and paying. Got interested? We can help each other a little by using ref codes. (PS: You're free not to use any ref codes. Just offering to help us both. 😁) For CBN games, use RDQPH upon downloading and logging in to the apps. For BitCypher games, use 9VFZ6C6H after downloading and logging in. These games are all free and can be dowloaded on Google Play and Apple App store. So what do you think about these games? Or maybe you have some honorable mentions too, or even better apps that we can use. Feel free to share in the comments! 📰💵😎
  10. 1st Forum Race (15th Jan - 22nd Jan)

    Question: Can I post about faucet apps? Did we complete the number of forum posts already?
  11. On the Prowl - Tyrone on Smoking

    Thanks for the youtube vid Capt! Well its not easy to stop. But with the will and discipline, and maybe an alternative for smoking will do the magic. I vape now. And its much better than smoke. Try it. 😁😎 Thats my fav clip. DMX looking m*therf*cka. Hahahah 😂😂😂😂😂
  12. On the Prowl - Tyrone on Smoking

    Precisely. I switched onto vaping, and the benefits are awesome. I mean, benefits of getting away from tar and other burned chems. I dont wanna get slapped too. 😂😂😂
  13. 1st Forum Race (15th Jan - 22nd Jan)

    Here goes my topic:
  14. On the Prowl - Tyrone on Smoking

    Hi all, "I'm Tyrone, and f**k this smoking sh*t! *slap!!*." That's the entrance phrase! So I would assume that most of you know who Tyrone is, right? He's trending on social media flatforms right now, most likely on facebook due to his viral video clips and compilations. Wonder why? Well, this Tyrone guy is doing a different way of rallying his anti-smoking campaign! Not to tell much about Tyrone's bio, but he just wanted to be known as "Tyrone". A big, muscular guy with a durag from the streets of Philly, he roams 24/7, in search of smokers polluting his air. What does he do? When Tyrone catches you smoking, you'll get slapped on your smoking hand! The funny thing here is, most of the victims (or should I say, offenders) are scared as fuuu since they're suprised seeing this big old guy, shouting curses at you, then gets slapped, right in the bad hand. There are times that he had peeps ganging up on him after the curses and the magic slap. But on an interview, he said that if it takes a big guy wearing a durag to walk around the hood to stoo smoking, he'll risk it. Now people on social media are enjoying the campaign, putting the hashtag #TyroneNation. He also offers camios for his fans all.over the globe. While most of us find not only the humour, but the purpose of what he is doing, we got some bashers of course that critisize the campaign. Most comments that you will read are predictions that Tyrone will get shot on the next coming days. Or worst, some wishing he gets shot the soonest. In my own opinion, what Tyrone does is very risky, in the sense that he might encounter a smoker who's not gonna have mercy and be relentless on shooting him. But man, if you see him how he rolls, I doubt. But mainly, he's not making jokes, and is so serious to stop smoking and save lives (on a very tough-love way I say.). Me myself stopped smoking when I discovered this guy. You can check his facebook page. Just search his name "Tyrone", and for sure he is number 1 search result. Check and follow him for your daily dose of slap cams. He's on the prowl as you read this. What do you think about what Tyrone does? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!