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  1. Good luck today, Shinjo! Stake: thegreat1dev
  2. Best of luck, Shinjo! Stake: thegreat1dev
  3. Good luck! Stake: thegreat1dev
  4. Good luck, Shinjo! PD: dhamijad
  5. Best of luck! I don't have a stake account yet.
  6. This win is incredible! Nice job, Robear! And, great interview!
  7. Past Bets Archive

    This is very exciting news! I can't wait to here the developers response. I'm so happy right now. This might actually happen!!
  8. Happy B-Day Giveaway !!!

    Thanks, maverick528. 😊💗
  9. Happy B-Day Giveaway !!!

    Happy birthday! My birthday is also August 19! I don't meet the wager requirements for this giveaway. I just wanted to share that birthday coincidence. Good luck to all!
  10. Best wishes, Oleg!
  11. Awesome stream! PD: dhamijad
  12. Someone say, "Giveaway?"
  13. Up to 0.02BTC Giveaway

  14. Username: dhamijad Joined date: 09.04.2017
  15. Past Bets Archive

    Thanks, Serlite. I have actually been using Seuntjie's bot since the beginning. As I mentioned earlier, however, my data was lost due to computer failure. I had many bets/rolls placed, and was having a great deal of fun looking back at my past actions. I just wish I could get them back. They were all stored in a sqlite database file, and it was all organized in a very effective manner. I just wish I had made multiple backups.