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  1. New Ico LITRA

    Litra is the foremost toolkit for building trusted decentralized healthcare applications. Check the page at https://www.litra.site
  2. Raffle giveaway 8.5 ETH

    already edited enjoy the Raffle guys and dont forget hit me if you win this raffle yes ,now al event bounty,giveaways etc using twiter for promoted their stuff
  3. Raffle giveaway 8.5 ETH

    Centra Tech Slack Raffle Due to the success of our previous Centra Raffle Giveaway, we are holding our first official Centra Slack Raffle! Entry Rules are below. Must be in our Centra Slack channnel. If you are not, please invite yourself with the following link: https://centratech.herokuapp.com Invite 3 friends to join slack and follow up to make sure they join our Slack channel by sending them the link https://centratech.herokuapp.com without acceptance of the slack invite your entry is not valid Retweet our pinned tweet @Centra_Card and tag the 3 friends you just invited with the hashtag #CentraSlack PM @Centra in Slack the 3 emails you have just invited Rules: No double entries, we will have someone be manually checking submissions No fake slack invites. There will be verification measures in palce Must have at least 100 followers Prizes: 1st Place: FREE Centra Black Metal Card + FREE Centra Blue Card & 5 ETH 2nd place: FREE Centra Gold Card + 2.5 ETH 3rd Place: FREE Centra Blue Card + 1 ETH The contest will begin immeidately and end on Thursday August 30th. Winners will be announced live on Facebook.com/CentraCard on Friday September 1st 2017.
  4. stake user: silvercell
  5. Sexy NEWBIE here

    iam also sexy too, when i shower hahahahahaha
  6. Sniper Mode Vs Auto mode

    and how much i doing prerolls, example i want hit 99X withbase bet 1000 sat,
  7. Sniper Mode Vs Auto mode

    so if we have much funds, it better to play sniper with high profit with a singgle bet any tips how play sniper mode, using pre roll or other ways maybe
  8. Sniper Mode Vs Auto mode

    anyone can tell me minus and plus about 2 method to roll 1.sniper mode ( little chance of winning ) / manual 2.Auto mode
  9. newcomer from indonesia

  10. if the highest thats mean we just can take one price only, example: post minimum 1000 and minimum 10K, we can get both price or just 10k price?
  11. better read and watch correctly my post, i not asking for multiplied account there a lot of minimum bet start from @1000,10000,100000,1000000 what i asked is can i post again with other minimum bet if i already post with @1000
  12. newcomer from indonesia

    thankyou guys iam also play at PD youngster site
  13. if i already fullfill @1000 bet can i joined on other bet,like @10.000 or @100.000 or just 1 prize for each participant
  14. just register here https://www.cryptofantasysports.com/User/Register?AflCode=0C7MN8Y3PcipWHa9WpwPKw%3d%3d without refferall link got nothing
  15. Easy Ico Bounty

    Let me share easy ico Bounty https://royalkingdomcoin.com/bounty/ ICO participants contribute to the success of Royal Kingdom Enterprise projects and can help publicize the sale of RKC ring tones in order to raise awareness in the wider community by enabling early liquidity of RKC tokens.