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  1. ios mobile miner

    so i recently found a miner for ios its called mobile miner its used to mine etn
  2. Looking for a 130k loan will pay back 200k today just waiting to get my pay cheque
  3. 110k loan

    Need 110k loan can repay tomorow repay 150k
  4. Edward's Christmas giveaway!

    When is this sent out
  5. Edward's Christmas giveaway!

    Dcalleja9012 is my pd account thanks edward
  6. Hello everyone

    Thanks bro I will be active
  7. What you think about btc and eth

    I’m my opinion I think btc will be 50k in a couple months considering how much it has gained in the past couple months
  8. Hello everyone

    Hey everyone my name is dcalleja9012 I have been playing prinedice for some time now and just can’t believe btc is so high now
  9. Need 0.02 repay 0.035

    Currently waiting on my cashout from nascasino going through verification Need btc now
  10. Need 100k loan

    Please someone
  11. Need 100k loan

    Changing to 100k sat loan if anyone can help
  12. Need 100k loan

    Need 100k loan payback 175k in 12hours or less.
  13. My best memory of primedice is when I won like 0.5btc in total from 0.01. also another good memory is the awesome staff of this site and forums. They are so helpful. This site is such a good way to kill time or make some profit. I love when Edward does giveaways or even interacts with us over twitch I can play for hours on end. Happy 4th birthday day prime dice and many more to come.
  14. Will watch and hope I win