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  1. Last letter game

  2. Last letter game

    news sexy
  3. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    Username: dboyeric
  4. Last letter game

  5. Negan Investment Group: Everybody can earn money

    Maybe next week @Negan

    This looks inviting
  7. other's first impression of bitcoin

    I wish i had known about it in 2014 then.
  8. other's first impression of bitcoin

    in my country some people still dont believe in the bitcoin stability. they kept on telling us that it would crash
  9. what would you do?

    i will just go straight to the point, we all know Nakamoto the creator of bitcoin, now lets assume people plans to kidnap him so he can hack the bitcoin network for them which would allowed them to create free bitcoins anytime and any day.. my question is what would you do? be the first to Kidnap him or be his bodyguard.. me personally i would kidnap him first
  10. bitcoin is getting higher

    all that we have seen so far about bitcoin this month are all preamble, the wise should not sell there bitcoin, according to forecasting bitcoin price is going to $5000 next month.
  11. Solving the alt problem in chat

    like frog said,its good to give to the new players also,but lets be sincere here, it will be very difficult to spot an ALT.best is to not tip any unknown username during tip, thats all !
  12. largest transaction i've ever seen

    thats one good transaction
  13. new member

    hello mate welcome to primedice community