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  1. I really need to take one of you guys strategy, for some days now my 1.1x strategy kinda suck..
  2. since you replied to it..its so clear that you really need the 10 bits..i will send to you the 10 bits that i will receive for this my posts....dont thank me for it...sent please keep it
  3. thanks for the constant users giveaway!!
  4. more greens to your balance...it is not common to see someone hit big from faucet
  5. wow gato...that is very nice...i tried to hit that figure some days back,but i wasn't that lucky
  6. well bitsler has been around since last year i think..but if you look at it closely they have same design with Primedice, that was possible because they stole primedice design...they also have a forum..
  7. goodluck to everyone
  8. nice write up..glad i read through them..
  9. poloniex is way better than bitrex....the high rate of trading on poloniex can not be matched
  10. Jeff Horn all the way..Manny has aged..i will put my money on Jeff Horn
  11. bitcoin dumping is a trick, its a way of forcing public to sell there bitcoins...
  12. both settings are good..i prefer manual betting because i always have control over all my bets
  13. what is ICO all about?
  14. MICRO CEO... That tag looks good