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  1. Mining is not profitable?

    trust me from what have heard, your internet is cheat and fast, unlike my country. but electricity here is not a problem, i will bypass it, i only need the mining rip and internet
  2. copy copy, kindly post your strategy let me also copy you! i need to win before Xmas
  3. let me set a reminder @Edward please not everybody can afford to pay bitcoin high fee at the moment, i feel it's time to give the average players the chance to be on high roller please give us an alternative cryptocurrency to use on PD
  4. What will happen if people stop mining Bitcoin?

    the law of demand and supply will come to play,if all btc coin has been mined! the price will even go up more
  5. Electroneum CPU Mining

    are we going to insert the graphics card into our computer or laptop? or will it graphics card be like a usd drive?
  6. if you read the comments you will see it that we have been pleading with PD to add another currency for players to receive their deposit on time, then they can exchange it to bitcoin on PD.
  7. What will happen if btc goes down to $100

    well detailed mate, no person in his/her right frame of mind would want bitcoin to crash
  8. Cremation vs. burial

    you only pay for the available space, and the next person will pay for the available space, and cremation is crippy,you cremate a cadaver and spread the ashes on the ocean for fishes to feed on,you then go fishing for those fish for consumption.
  9. Christmas Support Roll Hunt

    have busted 30k satoshi so far and am yet to hit any.. this is serious
  10. Primedice 2017 Awards

    you didn't include serlite??
  11. Lol

    i will only say Sorry
  12. From Faucet to withdraw

    when are ou going to send the pm buddy
  13. what would you do if you win 100 btc?

    yes Christiano ronaldo owns an island in Portugal
  14. Strategy

    that is the fastest way to own 1 bitcoin.
  15. Nice run today

    best comment so far, some will win from faucet, and will want to win withdrawal fee