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  1. Hidden 1 BTC.

    it is a challenge
  2. Hidden 1 BTC.

    i think we are to look for a private key
  3. i messed up last night. 400k needed with %5 on daily to be paid in 5 days thanks
  4. 400k loan needed

    400k needed with %5 on daily to be paid in 5 days
  5. i just did a swap with Ultra, he's LTC for my BTC. i cant and not ready to pay 90k for withdrawal fee. ultra shop is the solution to withdrawal fee . thank you ultra for the smooth deal
  6. Requesting 400k @ 5% per day, 4 day max. Thanks! tired of playing from faucet and the likes
  7. well i will gladly and happily turn into an hacker. just to get my hands on some coins and quit the hacking
  8. Buying bitcoin at the current price?

    bitcoin price is not stable at the moment only the daily trader can invest now and benefit, a long term holder need to buy and keep when its cheap or if he/she can afford the current price
  9. it actually hit more than that figure predicted, but as at now bitcoin is struggling big time
  10. Bitcoin To Drop As Low As $1000 This Year

    only bill gate can crash bitcoin at a go, i will be glad if bill gate can just tweet doge coin
  11. Bitcoin free fall!? Reasons...

    Mark said it in the beginning of 2018, that his new year resolution is to fix facebook , i guess he's doing that already
  12. Bitcoin hits $6000

    it actually hit that figure of $6000 this week, then went back up to $8000 back,