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  1. They say PD is not fair,and they still come to PD. Funny people
  2. STREAM #5 Stake

    goodluck yaro. i hope you win today
  3. Handsome Hunk Aka Ned Statham

    i had to read the introduction properly to be sure,goodluck hacking hearts here
  4. Raven, you should know human bodies are not the same, you survived 2 years and some can not survive 2 weeks.
  5. Pre-mined bitcoin

    I think the outta space is the limit for bitcoin
  6. 1 minute wait for chat

    It's not really wise forcing me to wait 1 minute before i can reply an inbox. How would you feel if whatsapp and Facebook apply same 1 minute interval before you send inbox message to your friend? I also noticed the same 40 message per day is the total of both the comment and inbox message together. I don't know if you guys understand my message. Please look into it 40 message should only count when replying to comment @Dan
  7. i wish there is poker in stake.com

    I see PD and stake taking over online casino, these guys are really up to something both micro and Edward
  8. i wish there is poker in stake.com

    I was wondering if micro could add gametv to stake.com. live games such as live dice,live roulette, live poker,live lucky 5, live lucky 7. Example is on 1xbet @Edward @MICRO sorry for calling you guys out. I was only making a suggestion. But it would be nice to see those live games on stake.com
  9. All in opposite side

    Just believe the site is storing your winnings for you. Big winning is coming your way pretty soon
  10. Night Strategy ! 99% working

    11x is way too high, but it pays if you have big balance, i tried the strategy with 0.002 and on waking up I saw 0.007btc. The strategy is you switch sides after 3-4 wins.
  11. Carol you can see the wheel with the coming soon tag on it, i will deposits on stake this week and stake the stake on stake

    Oh have seen it it must have escaped my eyes, dan will fix it very soon
  13. Stake is far better than this bitstar thing
  14. Smile, awareness about bitcoin is now apreading wide like a zombie virus.