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  1. 21,965,030,397 placed by Darko Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 450.00x Profit: 0.00044900 Username: Darko
  2. I see a few of you doing this now. Keep it up.
  3. Keep it up @dmbadillo10. Hope you make enough to buy tablets. Good reason for saving.
  4. [Lending] Athena2007 Loaning Service

    So no interest needed, 200k needs to be repaid with no date set from what I see. @Neobreaker try to pay it back asap, if he doesn't want to take partial payment send it to your bank account or to me for holding until you have enough. Try to stay away from feuds and fighting, thank you. How much left on loan?
  5. [Lending] Athena2007 Loaning Service

    Was there a loan agreed on forum about this or no?
  6. Your deposit address starts with 1NBV..... You have sent funds to 1Kbg... I am sure you are now aware of what you have done. As this is resolved I will lock this thread.
  7. Click on Deposit on your account and see your deposit address to which you have already made three deposits and then compare it to the address to which you have sent funds now (shown in your screenshots in the opening post).
  8. Hello. Please check your deposit address as the one that you have sent that funds to don't belong to dacles07 account.
  9. Chasing jackpot is not worth.

    Playing rollhunts and bingo with dicebot is not fair to other users, it's always the same couple users who win them, no one else wants to play it cause of them. No one mutes or bans users who use dicebot for playing those games, redlisting is the only thing that can happen. And no one prevents users from using dicebot or this interferes with winning the jackpot in any way.
  10. filipino Stream 💗

    Thank you.
  11. SeuntjieBot Chat Bot

    To make it fair for all users usage of bots is not allowed for bingo and roll hunts. Thank you and happy hunting!
  12. My Birthday <3

    Happy birthday neo, wish you all the best!
  13. YOU ARE BANNED Game - PD Edition

    @dmbadillo10 is banned for not letting this topic die.
  14. YOU ARE BANNED Game - PD Edition

    @bellapelle is banned for being a sinner.
  15. YOU ARE BANNED Game - PD Edition

    @dmbadillo10 and @ravenyvolle are banned for tagging me in here.