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  1. UPDATE: Sharpe Capital already hit their Maximum Registration Cap in total of $8 million dollars. You can check the status HERE. Pre-Sale will Start on November 6, 2017. TGE will be on November 13, 2017.
  2. Sharpe Capital is very pleased to announce a cooperation & advisory partnership with TaaS (@taasfund)! Read more HERE.
  3. Sharpe Capital Almost Hitting $8M Registration Cap in Their Pre-Sale. You can still able to participate: https://sharpe.capital/tokens#pre-sale Hurry up! Pre-Sale Discounts: *$10k-$50k - (10% Discounts) *$50k-$250k - (20% Discounts) *$250k-$500k - (30% Discounts) Pre-Sale wil start on November 6, 2017 Token Generation Event will be on November 13, 2017. STAY TUNE! Don't miss the chance to become one of investors of Sharpe Capital. Sharpe Capital is the financial markets protocol. *** Earn Ether in exchange for your opinion about global equity markets. Backed by multiple revenue streams, payments are issued to SHP holders on a quarterly basis. To know more about their project, please read their Whitepaper. Click here.
  4. 0.1 Giveaway!

    Update: IOTA/BITCOIN = 0.00016345 BTC (as of now) Reference: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/iota/
  5. 0.017- 1.65 btc

    Woooooooow, Congratulations Sis @ravenyvolle Damn so lucky! More accident bet to come hahaha
  6. 9900x and 4950x

    Lucky you Sis Well played! More 9900x payouts will come
  7. [ANN] SAN Coin

    Can I see your bitcointalk ANN thread? Why don't you use slack? It is better than WhatsApp and Wechat.. Edited: My bad there's a link in highlighted. I see your whitepaper now.
  8. 0.1 Giveaway!

    You can study about IOTA. They already entered in Bitfinex. Here's some previous news about IOTA. They have also a record breaking launch last June 13, 2017 in Bitffinex with $1.5 Billion Market Cap. Reference: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/iota-token-has-record-breaking-launch-on-bitfinex/ ----------------------------------- But IOTA falls down way back in June 26, 2017 Reference: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/iota-falls-hard-topping-nearly-crypto-losses/ They lost to be part of the top 10 cryptos in market but after a weeks... they recover the place of TOP 9 as of now. Coinmarketcap Reference: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/iota/#charts ----------------------------------- IOTA is a unique cryptocurrency as it utilizes the Tangle ledger designed to allow feeless transactions, meaning resources can be traded on-demand, and the amount sent is the exact amount received. Tangle is based on DAG technology, as previously covered by CCN, and doesn’t separate users and validators. To transact on the Tangle, users need to approve other transactions, thereby contributing to the network’s security. Volatility After IOTA’s launch on the 13, the currency plummeted during the June 15 bloodbath, showing a 36.5% price decrease that forced it down from the top 10 to the top 25 cryptocurrencies. On June 26, the currency kept its downtrend and its value decreased by another 20 percent, the second biggest drop in the top 100, only topped by Peerplays’ 42.8 percent drop. Then, on July 1, IOTA came back strong, even though most other cryptocurrencies were down. The surge, however, was marked by price volatility. The currency’s token, MIOTA; was at $0.634748 on June 13 and has since then been slowly, and in a very volatile way, losing value. There are currently 2,779 MIOTA circulating, the token’s maximum supply. Reference: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/iota-is-down-by-nearly-50-in-a-7-day-period/ ----------------------------------- The latest news in IOTA is here, they entered partnership with Refugee Non-Profit. "OTA, being the first public distributed ledger that enables scaling and getting rid of fees, is a great match with REFUNITE." - Christopher Mikkelsen (Co-founder of Refugee Non-Profit) Reference: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/iota-foundation-enters-historic-partnership-with-refugee-nonprofit/ This partnership will get uptrend the IOTA (MIOTA) sooner or later. You can buy IOTA in Bitfinex, as of now the value of IOTA per Bitcoin is 0.00013690. Website: https://iota.org/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/iotatoken Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Iota/ Medium: https://medium.com/@DavidSonstebo/iota-97592581f985 (Founder of IOTA) Whitepaper: https://iota.org/IOTA_Whitepaper.pdf Download IOTA Wallets: https://github.com/iotaledger/wallet/releases --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did some research for you I hope you will like it.
  9. Username: Danica22 Thanks!
  10. I already received my BCC in bittrex How sad it's only 28 Sats BCC because I only have 28 sats in BTC in my wallet on Bittrex. I'm too scared to put some bitcoin in exchange and I don't have hard wallet. Bitcoin core takes time to sync
  11. 0.01 Giveaway

    Username: Danica22 0.43567800
  12. Unlocking the bonus (safest method)

    I'm gonna try your strategy but I dont have bonus Let see how it works
  13. Ahmmm, how about hufflepuff? He is a legend thief!
  14. 19x is hawt!

    I'm gonna try it Sis, This is a high risk right? Thanks for this strategy. I hope I can make a profit using that
  15. What happened to your forum? 403 Forbidden right now