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  1. Edwards Age is 39

    He is 13.
  2. Get SkinCoin 4 days left !

    I've heard some thing about it, but haven't had enough of a look at it to determine it's value.
  3. Get SkinCoin 4 days left !

    I wouldn't say they're a scam, just a riskier investments. I personally don't see any coins that aren't platforms for some kind of practical real world use, being valuable in the short term. I believe there is already a cryptocoin that covers gaming? GameCredits from memory?
  4. Trading techniques

    The guy who runs the coin mastery channel on youtube has some really great information. He usually covers reliable information regarding altcoins and investing. He doesn;t usually invest in dump and pump coins but will often discuss the common ones during the initial stages of pumping.
  5. Any one into music production?

    I have used FL Studio in the past but migrated over to Ableton. I make prog house and dabble in glitch hop and psy trance. Love production, and all things music. Are you just starting out? I suggest checking out some of the free resources at Production Music Live if you are wanting some basic fundamentals: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkL_BZn7BoVGDa_OBi16hIw. Also Varien (on youtube) has great resources for music theory.
  6. Ok lets solve this issue in telegram. I'll lock this topic for now.
  7. Any Chance of getting bitcoin price low

    I think we will see the price of bitcoin take a plunge down towards the $3,000 point before the end of year. As of late it has been over hyped by the media and I believe as a result its overvalued. We should see some consolidation this year.
  8. The support button wont appear and/or will have errors if you have ad blocker enabled on your browser.
  9. Well known members being banned

    I have merged vinka's two forum accounts to avoid confusion in the future.
  10. If you are aware of any sites who are known for scamming, report the topic and we will deal with it.
  11. We don't want to run a dictatorship, all players are free to take the risk on other sites. Obviously if anything ever happens on those sites, its their own fault.
  12. Link warnings

    I have added this to my list of things to do. I will have to code it in manually.
  13. Wow, this looks incredibly thorough. Very interesting indeed. Where can I find this google spreadsheet?
  14. 1 minute wait for chat

    I have now changed the messaging limits. Conversations allowed to start per day: 20. Conversations allowed to start per minute: 4.