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  1. It appears now that Bitcoin is holding strong around 17k-19k, people are looking elsewhere for bigger growth potential. That's why altcoins have had so much attention lately, there's hope that one of them will go 1000x just like bitcoin did.
  2. Primedice web access

    Well done everyone, you all provided some great support regarding the issue. I can confirm it is a browser compatibility issue, which will be resolved with an update.
  3. Would you consider freedom of speech a basic human right? The liberal agenda is heavily dictated by certain areas of society, i.e. marriage equality was heavily opposed by the christian church, who funds and has influences on most legal parties. This is also the case with big money influencing the decisions on environmental decision making. Here's a great instance to support my argument: Q: What is Australia's biggest export? Or at least one of? A: Coal/Oil to China/Asia. Q: What is Australia's governments stance on global warming? A: Global warming isn't real. Coincidence? On a social level, aside from politics, our nation is very energy conscious and heavily invested into alternative fuel sources. Politically we have no control because money dictates our policies. We also on a social level believe in marriage equality, and we are one of the last countries to pass the bill in parliament. I'm not saying that bitcoin is the solution, I'm merely hinting that it could potentially help solve many of our problems currently affecting society.
  4. Our generation has been forced to inherit the governments and economy established by the generations before us. We have had a front row seat to the global financial crises, and other economic disasters, while we watch other people control our future. We have witnessed the Greek economy crumble, the fall of the Valenzuela economy and the potential demise of Argentina's as well, and that's just to name a few. We have had to conform to the regulations and law's that support olden day practices, while being forced to protesting for basic human rights (i.e. marriage equality, equal pay for men/women, net neutrality, protection of the environment, etc.) All issues that have been created by those before us, dictated in most case, one way or another by big money. We are prospected to be the generation that is going to be worst off than their parents. The system is tuned for a generation that is not us. So how do we put our future in out hand's? Is the answer bitcoin? Does bitcoin have the power to devalue the big money that was established to control us and the decision making of our governments?
  5. Pay Per Post is Back!

    There is a very basic AI component that looks for certain things during the first 15-30 posts made by a user. Will look at making it more complicated in the future. Thanks for the suggestions! I agree we need more forum mods.
  6. Pay Per Post is Back!

    Those conditions already exist. (As mentioned in topic)
  7. Pay Per Post is Back!

    I am open to suggestions. At the current time the only way to ensure shit post's are prevented is by reporting them to moderators with t he report button. Currently people who receive warnings for poor post quality, have a reduced amount of satoshi they can earn per post.
  8. FBGYVKSN13 - Defaulted on a Loan

    The user has been banned on Primedice, until an agreement can be reached.
  9. Players Stake

    I've been here for a long time, more than 800 posts worth of discussion
  10. Affiliate on homepages

    Could you please explain further? I am not too sure what you are asking.
  11. You didn't refer 1010010100. There is your answer, therefore you can't claim the affiliate commission for that user.
  12. Pay Per Post is Back!

    Welcome to the community, its great see such enthusiasm.
  13. 5 Bitcoins for solving a puzzle

    Holy shit did you work this out or find it somewhere? You might be onto something?
  14. We are starting the planning stages for a new overhaul and would like to hear what the community has to say. We want to be able to improve the number one dicing experience to bigger and greater heights. Let us know your thoughts. What are your thoughts with the current version of Primedice? What would you like to see in the next version of Primedice?
  15. What do you think will be the bitcoin price as of the 1st of January 2018? We have seen some crazy price action as of late, with the year starting off at $777 and heading well and truly above $19,000 per coin. What an amazing ride we have all witnessed. Are we expecting a 2018 of lows or will the price continue to climb?