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  1. Stake Giveaway!

    Thanks for another great giveaway @Edward
  2. [Edward] Streaming - Making it Rain!

    Sorry I missed it! Looking forward to the next one.
  3. 88,888 GIVEAWAY

    Very generous.. good luck all!
  4. Thanks for the info. Seems good as far as house edge goes, will try it out.
  5. So sorry to hear... best wishes to her for a speedy recovery.
  6. NFL talk

    Lots of trades, season ending injuries, and suspensions it seems. Could have a big impact on early season games!
  7. Open Heads up challenge!

    I would love to do something like this, but I cannot play on Stars due to country restrictions.. not sure about Seals.... will try to sign up and see.
  8. Some Control Over User Giveaways

    I agree completely... users that run giveaways and do not pay out should be banned.
  9. Ignition poker

    I believe you guys can still play on BoDog, which Ignition was before the switch. Same skin, but I believe Ignition is the skin for the US players.
  10. Sniper Mode Vs Auto mode

    I almost always use Autobet.... never had very good luck with Manual.
  11. Betting Cushion / Bankroll

    There is no guide that I know of. Bankroll and min bets are all based on personal preference and what strats you are using. I'm not sure there is a "correct" answer for this...
  12. Forum Rewards Transfer

    This is correct, there is a 100k minimum transfer, no roll over or anything. There is a thread here in the forum with the rules...
  13. Free NFL Survivor Pool at NitrogenSports

    I'm going to give the free one a shot and see how it goes...
  14. Sports Betting with Bitcoins

    Either BetDSI or NitrogenSports... they both take BTC.