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  1. You saw someone waving and you wave back.butttt ... Unfortunately that never meant to you ,that actually for someone behind you. Have you been in the funny and dumb situation before ? Like me , I'm too busy looking at my phone at the shopping mall and booom I hit the glass door. That moment I feel like wanna hide my head under my ass XD. SHARE YOURE FUNNY AND AWKWARD MOMENT WITH US.
  2. @Edward I want to claim my reward!!!! Mmmmmm
  3. username :cryptohunt thanks <3
  4. Me and my African peacock <3
  5. May the wealth be with me <3
  6. yea , bought it online., updating window now. damn expensive due to btc price has rise.
  7. that really helpful , my aerosock pro btc board just coming today. thanks for the guide.
  8. well 10 upvote daily quite good limit isnt it?
  9. thanks for the help heart <3 . hopefully i can claim it
  10. hi @Edward my suggestion being used in the forum . here the suggestion link .
  11. but the problems is edward the one who created the offer. maybe i will tr to ask dan. ty for help let me check , yes. and here my suggestion that being used .
  12. well , i hope they will explain why they didnt pay to us. deleting the thread make it look "fishy i hope they can kept they promises tho, if they dont want to give a reward they dont have to ask an opinion from us and offer a reward right? i already sent a pm to edward , but he didnt respond. he the one who created that thread. answer from him might be helpful.
  13. i think myself is the best , i have no friend in forum
  14. i've been wondering why they deleted it? last time i suggest a joke/humour board and they did added it. and edward said if our idea being use we will get 0.1 btc or 0.2 if i didnt mistake. a lilte bit of explanation might be helpful.
  15. is it true i heard eth going to 0.10 cents each yesterday or it just a hoax?