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  1. Last letter game

  2. Who Loves Hamster?

    hamster are tooo cute , Hamsters are fun animals to keep as pets and are naturally curious and very active.
  3. 196 countries

    lol , i will marry rich girl , and travel the world with her money .. hahaha
  4. 196 countries

    why ? then hows this possible ..
  5. 196 countries

    win a lot and travel the world , i pray for you
  6. What animals are you most afraid of?

    yes i dont have pet dog right now
  7. What animals are you most afraid of?

    same experience happen with me . lol
  8. Some Control Over User Giveaways

    i read every comment here , i totally agree with you friends
  9. What is your online gaming app ?

    clash of clans
  10. i am tooo addicted with primedice , this very easy way to earn money
  11. its depend on luck how you play , yeah its also effect to change seed vs. refresh vs. change sides
  12. Last letter game

  13. Last letter game

  14. What animals are you most afraid of?

    i have bad experience in childhood
  15. Re: [BOUNTY] UTRUST Facebook Posting Campaign

    how useless , do you have experience with them