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  1. what about this www.1cg1.com short and easy to remember or 1cgf1.com
  2. Need 100k sat

    loan paid , i am very sorry for delay , amount paid in two parts , thank you for trusting me and giving extension conform this , closing topic
  3. My art.

    Oh! Very beautiful I'm fall in love with this Image .This picture is better than better .Perfect Click without any doubt .I'm going to die for this pic. This shows the sweet aftermath of your hardwork. Does this beautiful lady has any beautiful name or should I just call her 'Woww'!"
  4. Hello Nimfomanka

    locking this , i just talked with Nimfomanka
  5. Need 100k sat

    just received thank you
  6. Loan amount : 100k satoshi Collateral offered : no collateral Time period for loan : 72 hours Date of repayment (dd/mm/yyyy) : 30/11/2017 Amount to be paid back : 120k sathoshi
  7. Need 100k sat

    hahaha , yo no collateral
  8. Need 100k sat

    i need loan 100k for 72 hours , no collateral will pay back 120k comment if offering @UltraChief
  9. Hello Nimfomanka

    okay , i dont want to do this we will do in private.. no she was not kidding.
  10. Hello Nimfomanka

    we just talk in chat room , i said i saw your picture in forum and fall in love with you , you say create a theme. I'll post a lot of my photos there. Come and see) i am waiting to see your gorgeous beauty .. thanks @Nimfomanka
  11. Do you guys check Bitcoin price everyday?

    Yes I check the price of bitcoin every day and I think it’s very important to know about the price if you don’t know about the price of bitcoin you can lose your bitcoin especially for the investors and daily traders it’s also very important to know about the price but you must be expert of all these things so I always keep my eyes on market.
  12. Certain special rules apply to gambling income, and there are strict record keeping requirements. However, you may be able to deduct gambling losses.
  13. I copy deposit address but when i past it show another address. When I paste it show 1HKYZqAaTtmU6FjifcU5kEzgkrpXCVdb5b But this is not my deposit address. I also check this address at blockchain . After that i did everything like clear cache and cookies, scan. But it still show the above address. I think my computer is obviously infected with some virus that is changing it. Be Aware Of Bitcoin Hacking Address . I am waiting for your suggestion .
  14. i think i am late , good luck friends