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  1. You are a known beggar.. and with a negative forum reputation I would not say you are someone we really can trust
  2. 5 Bitcoins for solving a puzzle

    Blockchain offers you an option to "Watch" wallet (not sure about others wallets as I only use Blockchain) and by watching a certain wallet you know whenever there is any transaction in there.. also with the Private Key (that's what you need to find in the puzzle) you can transfer money from that wallet to yours (or whichone you want)
  3. Music Giveaway!!

    Next week I will do it different to make it better to everyone to join (not just copy and paste )
  4. Music Giveaway!!

    Last one for now Who's gonna be the first to say it right??
  5. Music Giveaway!!

  6. Music Giveaway!!

    It is "The Spectre" And it is "Alan Walker" Please guys dont edit your posts as it make hard to know if you did edit before of after the first right reply after you (in that case the first right reply after you gonna win)
  7. Music Giveaway!!

    New song:
  8. Music Giveaway!!

    First song for today Give me the Singer + Song name for 10k!
  9. Music Giveaway!!

    Finally eh?
  10. Music Giveaway!!

    And what exactly it have to do with this topic? Last song for now:
  11. Music Giveaway!!

    What you talking about? LOL New song:
  12. Music Giveaway!!

    You following me Thugy?? Next song!
  13. How it works: I will give a random phrase of any music (old or new) and what you have to do is give me the song name + singer / band The Prize: 10k satoshis will be sent to the first to give me the right infos. The tip will be send to the winner Primedice account linked to his / her forum account.