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  1. Hacker Paid
  2. For what @Dan said only PD suggestions can be claimed.. if forum suggestions could be claimed also I would have at least 0.4btc more in my account
  3. Congrats to all of us <3
  4. Le puedes empezar por regalar 1% de esos miles de BTC q tienes por ahi guardados @Brais (broma <3) Bueno, yo no soy espanola pero como jugue muchos anos a juegos online con amigos latinos y hispanos (incluso @GoldoSexy) entonces me paso q algo aprendi a hablar.. y lo q puedo hacer pa ayudarlos, aqui estare
  5. The 2 winners we have so far are @HJIe6 and @Thugstream. Still looking for 2 more winners before we can start our next giveaway
  6. Finally another Jackpot again and back to #1 in PD Giveaway Today's winners for extra giveaways are: 1st: @maliafka 2nd: @ronaldo718 3rd: @Firavan1 Thanks guys for the fun and the amazing sunday <3
  7. Of course I do.. I love streaming and even more when I hit that damn Jackpot!
  8. Another chill stream while going for the "mia" Jackpot Join us for some music, talk, giveaways and that damn Jackpot that is hiding for almost a week!
  9. Bad bad @3mily.. you forgot @YashBitCoin
  10. Payment sent.. congratulations! LOL Tatay
  11. Roll a 0.07 (win or loss, does not matter) with a minimum bet of 100 satoshis to be able to win. Prize: 25k for each one of the first 4 users (NO ALTS ARE WELCOME!) Only bets ID's from 17,620,800,000 will count.
  12. Yeah there is in my replay from 2 or 3 saturdays ago
  13. Yeah it was 2 saturdays ago if I am not wrong
  14. Good luck Oleg