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  1. Did you ever deposit on primedice?

    Yeah I have done many deposits in the past but nowadays I don't need to deposit anymore as I have a nice balance and can perfectly play with it.. Different from @Morros I know when to stop And my faucet.. to be honest I don't even know how much it is as it's been like 6 months since I claimed it the last time
  2. Pay per Post - Cash Out Disabled

  3. Pay per Post - Cash Out Disabled

    Mi iz dumb.. I have been trying to transfer for like 1 month but it won't let me send to my PD account.. always when I try I have this same error, doesn't matter if I use , . or none
  4. Username: Carollzinha @Zoltan @hui you guys are the best
  5. Edwards Age is 39

    LOL after reading this I am definitely going to sleep
  6. 88,888 GIVEAWAY

    Man I am so unlucky today.. I had 3x 88 in a row and none was the number I need
  7. 88,888 GIVEAWAY

    Over 10k bets and this is all I could make
  8. Interview of the week featuring Bojana

    This is all I have to tell you @Bojana Banana
  9. I am pretty sure we have a lot of good streamers hidding out there.. this is your chance guys I really hope we can have a lot of people streaming and having a lot of fun with us, helping Primedice and Stake to grow even more day after day
  10. I love PD but I am much more in love with Stake.. love to play chartbet and mines and can't wait to see the wheel!
  11. Stake Giveaway!

    Thank you for sharing this with us sir @Edward
  12. So I have noticed that a lot of well known members of our community have been banned from forum for sharing Ponzi sites on forum and we all know there are hundreds of these sites out there and many of us already lost our times and even money on them and I totally agree with people being banned for sharing their links with others BUT I would like to suggest that the known people would get a warning instead of a directly ban. Some of them are not doing this intentionally, they just want to share something they find good with their friends and not always Ponzi can be easily identified.
  13. OlegBarca's Stream #80-STAKE!!! Giveaways!

    Change game @OlegBarca I believe you can recover <3
  14. Pay per Post Survey

    Well if you want things around you to be changed you should start changing them yourself