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  1. 196 countries

    I am not a chocolate fan but if you are you should come to South of Brazil, we have really awesome chocolates here
  2. Thanks for all this years full of amazing giveaways.. you guys are the best @Zoltan @hui
  3. As I am not good with photoshop and all that stuff I made a video then converted it to gif (hope it is a valid entrance) Username: Carollzinha And here the video
  4. In Brazil as well.. but I am totally against those rules in cases like this
  5. Iceland

    Iceland Northern Lights are the most beautiful in the entire world
  6. 8 health tips for computer users

    Yeah and it is really confortable
  7. Favorite Vegies!!!

    Hmm for me I guess it is potato
  8. 8 health tips for computer users

    For me the posture was the biggest issue so I bought a new chair to help me with this
  9. Hello I am new here

    Hello Siopao , another pinoy.. welcome mate!
  10. Stake Giveaway(0.002 BTC)

    This one is going far eh Yaro.. can we say new guesses maybe?

    freetube you mean
  12. Racists in chat

    I had but already sent those to Zoltan about 2 months ago I am as white as milk but my dad is black so I am the first one against racist comments
  13. Some Control Over User Giveaways

    Yeah that escrow idea is already a good start to be honest
  14. If they are able to do such a thing they should be able to pay for it
  15. [Oct 2] 5 dollars free worth of ICO

    Amazing, thanks for sharing <3