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  1. CaptainLorca

    Forum satoshis displaying wrong

    Allright. Thankies @Mirela <3! Already thought it might be the sum in whole.. but also I should point it out.
  2. Hey, I just saw it after I posted a comment: It says I have 304,422 Sats.. I checked bc I was confused like hell. I have 4,000. Something seems to be wrong.
  3. CaptainLorca

    Quick Mind Game

    scarcity -> low
  4. CaptainLorca

    The letter game

  5. CaptainLorca

    Airdrops $20-100

    Airdrops for which tokens?
  6. CaptainLorca

    What would you do today with the Pizza's 10k BTC??

    Hm.. if I got 10k Bitcoin from selling a pizza.. I would open another pizza restaurant. Ez pz.
  7. I'm playing it since you started the topic.. and I did not make enough Litoshi to withdraw. I think you still need to put time in it. Thats not the problem. The problem is that the site tends to be slow sometimes and you got a lot ads there. First mellowad. Then "I'm not a bot". And that damn Bitcoadz pop-up. Thats why I often only visit that BG only once a day. Its just annoying.
  8. CaptainLorca

    Last letter game

  9. CaptainLorca

    What do you think about PD5?

    Just made my random visit here and I stumbled upon the hyperlinks in chat.. Please add the css to make the cursor to pointer..
  10. CaptainLorca

    Last letter game

  11. CaptainLorca

    The letter game

  12. CaptainLorca

    The letter game

  13. CaptainLorca

    The letter game

    Mambo No5!
  14. CaptainLorca

    The letter game

  15. CaptainLorca

    General Dropdown question

    Well.. then the question might be outdated in general mostly? A lot of stuff I could do with JQuery is easy to realize with CSS nowadays. But I'm bloody new to Jquery. I came to jquery bc I'm also learning about Node.js. I want to make myself completely free from PHP and I dunno.. just feels like Node.js and Jquery would get along pretty good with each other.