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  1. Why did you start with Bitcoin?

    Holy mofo! Well.. that would bite my brain xD!!! Do you heard about the guy (i think it was) in britain? How threw away his harddrive and is trying to dig it up again? Thats a sad story. Well.. in that time without depo.. nice! But sad that there was now withdraw until now :D. Its similar to my story.. but you did get BTC back then.
  2. 1st Forum Race (15th Jan - 22nd Jan)

    Another beauty under "Cryptocurrencies"
  3. Why did you start with Bitcoin?

    Hey guys! Many of you are here on Primedice, chasing the real big win and fulfill your dreams! No other than me xD.. Sure I tried to make it big here... meanwhile I just have more a good time than chasing “the dream” here! What I’m wondering… why or how did you start with Bitcoin? How long are you using Bitcoin or Altcoins? For myself... I had an eye on Bitcoin years ago, when 1 Bitcoin was like $150-200 each. Spent thoughts on buying them. But back then I was a little younger and maybe dumber. I got into it, read a little and then, I don’t remember exactly why, let it go again. I could have bought like 1000 or more Bitcoin (imagine that amount now :o!!!). Well... here and then I took a look on it.. read here and there about Bitcoin. But never got so curious again as in that beginning. Years passed by, knowledge left and came.. so I started learning coding Apps for Apple. That’s more complicate as you might think by the way. Started to think for one Idea to start with a webpage. Then I thought about money and which Idea would make it big in the Appworld in the end.. then.. I came back to Bitcoin. Just thought “you could use Bitcoin ads to collect them and buy a new MacBook or even an iMac”. So I began to read again.. saw that new price, which shocked me.. What did I next? I googled how to get free Bitcoin and somehow, I ended up on Primedice. For anyone who knows me from my “early days” here knows how it ended xD. Still want a new MacBook and an iMac for different hobbies. But I’m interested in your story. How did you come to use Bitcoin? I know that some of you are here for a damn long time.
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  6. Guess the Picture 💗

    Shouldn‘t be this topic under Giveaway?
  7. Quick Mind Game

    instruments -> noisey
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  9. Free Ethereum Slots - No Deposit required

    I'm interested. I leave this comment to be reminded when you have a proof!
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  11. Satoshi Farming - My Top 5 Satoshi Faucet Apps

    I tried some for apple devices. From that experience I can tell that it’s pumped with ads and that you could rather spend time on traditional free faucets in the web.. less Ads
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  13. Quick Mind Game

    mobile --> Phone
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