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  1. I havent check, im not really active in the forum. Im good enjoying reading post and comments ?
  2. 🏆 Edward's Christmas giveaway!

    Username: boykamatis
  3. Anyone heard about Tokenpay ICO? I read a lot of positive feedback on this. Any thoughts Link with referral https://www.tokenpay.com?rc=0WJKG Clean link https://www.tokenpay.com
  4. kakayanin ba?

    Yes mababan ka po lalo na if wala mga sense ang topics and comments
  5. mga paraan sa pgiipon ng btc?

    Ay thanks po sa info, pano po kayo nagiging updated sa mga free coins na yan?
  6. mga paraan sa pgiipon ng btc?

    Ano po yung airdrops? Haha di na ko updated
  7. About Airdrop

    Hahaha grabe naman, chill lang tayo guys. Wala naman papatunguhan kung magaaway kayo dito ?
  8. Casino info webpage

    Its not redirecting to the website that it mentioned if i click visit. Maybe the development of this site still not yet completed.
  9. Cant login in primedice

    @Serlite Can you try to login with iphone with 11.x.x version? This issue seems to be only happening with iphone with higher versions. If you noticed my screenshot, cursor is not aligned in where you are typing. This causing not able to click the login button @Dan Glad to hear that the developers already aware on it. Thanks
  10. Cant login in primedice

    Thanks @Serlite for your response. But i think its a bug in the system thats needs to be fixed.
  11. Not sure if im in correct section but i want to report a bug. Im not able to login in primedice.com @Dan this issue was same from stake. But i saw stake is fixed now
  12. 🏆 20 Billion bets Giveaway

    Username: boykamatis
  13. 🏆 Keep Primedice Forum Alive - Giveaway!

    Wow thanks @Edward username: boykamatis
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    Username: boykamatis