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  1. It was a simple email confirmation, that you have done after a few clicks. Sorry if it appeared too complicated, I should have been specific which part of the topic I was referring to I'm glad this is sorted out now!
  2. Maintenance breaking things

    Yes, public tips and email verification have been fixed this morning as well, if any other bug persists, please, do not hesitate to contact us directly in live support as well
  3. 20 billion bets giveaway

    @Ssociety, post your suggestion for the giveaway here, this hasn't started yet, just looking for ideas, guys
  4. too many request?

    @merlyn22, please, send us a ticket on the live support so that we can look into this if it is not solved yet, "too many requests" is a common error that usually passes after an hour or two, but if it persists, might be someone trying to access your account as well, so better to be sure and change the password on it
  5. Email verification.

    Lol Guys, it happened because of the latest update, but it should have been solved by now. The verification goes the same as you did when first setting an email, contact us on the support if you're having issues with it.
  6. Why I can't login

    Please, contact us on the support bubble in the bottom right corner of your account or send us an email on support@primedice.com, we will restore your account after we verify you being the true owner of it
  7. Chat Rules elaborated

    Regarding mutes, you need to contact us on support platform (bottom right corner, blue bubble), we will ask the mods and check if any rule was broken
  8. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    Locking this one Thanks to all participants, will make sure that it is credited within the next 24 hours, we appreciate your patience! Congrats, ppl, and thank you for the loyalty! ♥
  9. Chat Rules elaborated

    Was not commanding you, Blind me, notice the 'please' in my statement, cause I know we did all that we could at the given moment and wanted to clear all that is necessary further with you - as I said, there is non need for you to feel unwelcome on chat All the three examples you have named are the ones we are all trying to be neutral in, and if the slips ever occur, all we can say is that they do not happen on purpose, and that we would try to fix it along the way. If you see ppl begging in chat, do not hesitate to contact us, send us a screenshot, just like I explained above, so that we could react, it is impossible to follow it all at once sometimes. Not an issue at all, I'm glad that you have reached out, so that we could solve this
  10. Chat Rules elaborated

    @ullikah, taking a screenshot and sending it to the mod active in chat is not difficult. PM messages can be easily faked*. You can also send a screenshot to us on the support ticket, although this is not out main jurisdiction. We can supervise the chat when we have time, not always, the best is to send a screenshot and if the person is begging or insulting, I can guarantee you the person in question would be instantly muted. There is no need for you to suffer any kind of an abuse from other users on chat. Cheers! @Blindme, I already refer to your previous problem and didn't get a PM I was looking for. Once again, if you have an issue with anyone abusing you verbally, please, contact us. Also, try not to take everything so seriously, ppl tend to joke most of the times in chat and sometimes even fighting among some users may appear as a drama, which is not always the case. However, claiming that some are privileged in comparison to the others is completely unfounded. Have a great one!
  11. Chat Rules elaborated

    Caps are not strictly prohibited, but they do clutter the chat, so it is recommended not to use them (at least not excessively)
  12. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    This giveaway lasts for 2 weeks straight, and the end date should be tomorrow
  13. Racists in chat

    @Blindme, I have muted at least three accounts after you have reported this. There is no need for you to back off or feel uncomfortable using the chat, since the chat should and WILL be racism-free and we will do everything in our power to make it stay clean Please, hit me in PM so that we could solve this and establish if the mentioned word was used as an insult or only jokingly, as the part of the slang. In both cases, there is no need for you to feel in any way violated when this can be easily repaired and solved. PD embraces all the variety and everyone should feel pleasant expressing theirs. I expect your message here. Closing this one now
  14. Song of Ice & Fire, Caroll, me gusta #gameofthronesforever
  15. Some Control Over User Giveaways

    That is a huge responsibility, Caroll, and the management is not under the obligation to credit those in case of any misunderstanding*, it is too much to ask, therefore the tag "official" and "user's" Players participate under their own responsibility. The only thing we can do is supervise those bigger ones and make sure anyone who defaults ends up banned if it is of any consolation (which I know it isn't) I actually liked @Blindme's idea the most