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  1. Quick Mind Game

    Candies - cravings
  2. The letter game

  3. I have been a bit away from Forums since we had a lot of work on the tickets in the past week, restoring accounts and what not (yada-yada, we all know what happened, don't we? ), but the plan is to come back and be active more since Forum is really one of the community aspects that I love the most So yeah, setting my reminder! Count me in for Monday!
  4. Last letter game

  5. We are looking for people to work in closed team of Brand Managers. The job consists in you doing daily updates to your threads on Bitcointalk, and forum.bitcoin. Also Facebook official pages which you will get access to. These updates must be done in your local language section and should not take you more than a few minutes per day. Requirements: - Be able to talk fluently any other language than English (By that, we mean no Google translators or anything similar. If we find you using such services you will be kicked from the team and don't expect any payment) - Some photoshop knowledge. You don't need to be an expert but some basic knowledge so you can edit/translate some assets we will provide to you to use in your daily posts Biggest Need: Most all languages are accepted but today our biggest need now is for Italian, Dutch and German. Payments: - Weekly, directly to your wallet address or by tip to your Stake account balance, whichever suits you better - Beside the basis payment (100$ per week), we also offer many ways for you to get Extras, Bonuses, Commissions and we run Weekly Contests with up to $500 in prizes. Feel free to leave any question you may have here in comments or through Private Message to @Carollzinha directly, please. Caroll will be able to give you the most precise information since she is the Head of Brand Managers for Primedice and Stake.com !!!Note: This is a serious job so do not apply if you are not really interested in doing it well. P.S. This is not an one time translation. This job requires a few minutes of your time to do daily updates to your own threads, in your own language. If you do a basic work you will get a basic payment. If you do a good job then you also stand a chance for up to extra $500 in our private team contests every week (up to $2000 per month only from contests!) Good luck, everyone!
  6. Talking to Pets

    Daaayyyym, we have Jean-Claude Van Damme here
  7. The letter game

  8. Last letter game

  9. Withdraw Fee Options

    Not sure, @dmbadillo10, depends on the price fluctuation... this is it for now, price and network clutter need to be taken into the consideration always
  10. Last letter game

    Knoppers @CaptainLorca
  11. No, this is not based solely on tips, I said that was a reason that made me look into it, not a final proof. And I am most certainly not uncovering the ways our system operates to the users here, this is a company secret, and none of us is here since yesterday to not be fitting to do the job, mute out of whim or whatever seems to be the problem. Also, I get absolutely nothing for you being blacklisted or not, tipped you yesterday and you were given a benefit of the doubt, just like any other player, makes no difference to me. If we suspect/prove the abuse, we act accordingly, and that is sharing tips to the next user, as simple as that. For the IP restrictions I have already explained, I have no need to repeat myself in that regard. Try being respectful and you will earn respect back, we made the 1st step by tipping you yesterday and giving you a chance to participate, we do trivia for fun, we can also just randomly rain; trivia is relatively new feature. The whole chat was asking you banned, and the whole chat doesn't have to suffer for one man drama. Forum is for discussion, and soving any type of conflicts; topic was also not locked by us, as we have shown that by unlocking it so you are given the right to say your opinion. You claim that you have not made alt accouts at the same time you say you are using public VPN - I'm not sure how you do not notice a conflict here?! Also, why isn't that other user complaining, but you instead of him? As for the "flawed system", we leave that to the devs to sharpen it up, as we were told - it will be even more strict with the next update, so thank you for the insight in that regard.
  12. If it was a mistake, we would have gladly admited one. Your 1st answer was accepted even though you didn't even give a full answer to it, and your tip was forwarded to the mentioned alt account immediately, which gave me a reason to check even then. As Irena already said, IP is not the only criteria we use to determine alts. There are people with banks on a different IP, and that still doesn't make it any less of THEIR bank, especially if you are IP restricted and use VPN to access the site (which we do not recommend at all, this is against the law). You are not briniging new players to Primedice, you are making alts as you always have, that is what I referred to when I said "another abuse". To sum it up: knowing you use VPN abundantly, having the prepared prelamentation on this matter (video even, in a matter of minutes), based on your history on Primedice, constant complaint despite being the one doing the abuse, me seeing with my own eyes how many different EEEEEE accounts you have, let alone this new oneS, this has made you permanently blacklisted for any future trivia of mine. My job is to protect the legitimate players on chat and that is what I am going to do. CEO has been forwarded the matter from our side as well, and we have told that we keep every right to blacklist anyone we suspect is abusing something good that is being done for the community. As far as I could see you were also thrilled that Forum is PPP, so feel free to make another huge topic on this issue, to collect some more satoshi. Kind regards, Sweeet and Dan!
  13. You're welcome dmb, na na na 🎵🎵🎶🎶🎵🎶
  14. Quick Mind Game

    Oxford ---> College
  15. Last letter game