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  1. Loan .003 btc till Thursday.

    @ Memek Will have to tack 2 days on to payment, the local bitcoin atm is down and the barista says its been down for a few days. Contacted the company to let them know but I will hit a different one on Saturday. If it does not work I can just head deeper into the city and there are 4-5 spots I can transact. Just giving you a update so that you do not sweat to much. So I will owe you .0046 BTC on Sat. 25th 2017
  2. 0.75

    You made .75 btc with this strategy? What did you start with?
  3. Loan .003 btc till Thursday.

    Sorry I did receive the bitcoin. Was able to see your post but was unable to verify till now if funds where received, had a captcha issue on my phone. Thanks again.
  4. Loan .003 btc till Thursday.

    Agree to 48 hours and appreciate the help. Will keep all chat here as well.
  5. Darko Entertainment

    Nutella seems to have a underground following like the twinkie did. The bathtub scene is funny and weird all in one.
  6. Partyboy04 introduction

    Still never heard what he got into other than he got silly, maybe some day I will here what happened to the boy.
  7. Loan .003 btc till Thursday.

    Need .003 btc till Thursday evening. Will repay .004 btc on that date. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Trade Your Forum Sats for PD Funds!

    Used this service a few times now and can vouch for speedy delivery for a busto like myself.
  9. CSGO SKIN Gambling

    Have tried to figure this out in the past but run into a wall abit. Got funds sitting in steam, I guess I just need to learn how to play the game to get me some keys,skins to roll with. Would cool if there was a guide to hold hand well I figured this out.
  10. Only issue that I have and its not really a issue, is letting some threads breathe a little before locking them up in the Question and complaint section. Most people looking to spam are not going to be asking questions that potentially put a bullseye on their back. Besides that great job.
  11. In any case.. Thanks Primedice!

    I understand that aspect Dan, just wanted to bring up other options that are more streamlined to learning a language. If it was up to me and money was not a option, I would throw myself into the local scene and learn on the ground floor. Not to good with languages from a book. Some people do not appreciate that people are attempting to learn a language and issues do occur from misunderstandings due to language. For me its close to asking for gambling help on a gambling site, the info might be a little jaded.
  12. Never would have posted a request if the initial response was sorry, but that was not what I received. After posting I am told collateral is no good and think Ultra was playing some kind of game or attempting to discredit me for some hidden reason. Will move on but explaining why I posted such weak collateral, I am not naive nor stupid to think it was a valid enough collateral. So take that into your thinking when reading my request. Pissed off would say the least!
  13. Loan amount : .003 btc Reason : Need to activate a account to use voucher Collateral offered : forum and Survey payment Time period for loan : 3 days Date of repayment: (23/11/2017) Amount to be paid back : .0042 Was trying to put that in a box like bitcointalk but cant find option. Let me know if I messed that up.
  14. Everyone busy at Stake.com?

    I like playing pacman on googlemaps! Stakes fine, just wish they would understand the beating us over the head here is not going to drive up traffic there.
  15. Lets just presume that most users will not be have had the experience of navigating multiple loans. Therefore we should protect them from potential issues by having standards in place to protect them from being exploited. Sad fact is scammers are active and will come at you from multiple sides probing for that weak spot. The trader feedback is still early in its venture and a nice reference. My only issue with it is this forum has a very open you scratch my back I will scratch yours mentality. My example would be the referral links people post here without investigating the site they are trying to make money off of. Setting those that click up to be robbed of time or even bitcoin. Earlier on I watched a lot of liking and upgrading of posts by a group of friends to get into certain promotions at the time. So the issue of it being so blatant and no qualms of how that may look means we need even stronger safeguards. Far to many accounts are allowed to post without linking there PD account and that should be step one for any loans. The issue of long game scams is a issue that I think falls more on the lender. They should not allow themselves to be exposed to such a level and control their level of risk. Not saying its all their fault but they are alone at the end of the day with being scammed. Its funny this post came up, I was trying to figure out what I had for collateral myself for a bitcointalk loan which is near impossible to get. If we mirror them to some extent it should be gravy. P.s Think multiple loans from one lender also should not give the green light to like sized loans with a new lender as it could be one person lending to self in hopes of scamming unsuspecting lenders. Think UltraChief knows what he is doing though, I am more worried about the people that pop up behind thinking its a easy game.