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  1. Bitcoin Trading Regret/Mistake

    Was reading in Fortune Magazine I think or the other money mag a article on cryptocurrency and they had a guy that invested 8.5K and made millions in a matter of 3 months. He had ocd though but still its amazing to see people rise off the trades and make life changing profit. Think he bought ETH or coins that spun off it.
  2. Bitcoin Trading Regret/Mistake

    When it comes to trading I was to clueless to notice the fees I was paying for multiple transactions and realized a bit late that I was losing on each minor trade. Think that was a very important time for me in trading cryptocurrencies and not believing the troll boxes some sites had on them. I also got caught holding a lot of altcoins not realizing I was buying a coin that was near being taken off the exchange, yeah I got sucker written all over me.
  3. Thanks

    Missed this thread some how. That is a awesome run and hope you can rocket past it in the future with a larger day of profits.
  4. Request loan 0.01 btc urgent if not help , i died

    If this person you owe is not paid you will be labelled a scammer,correct? So why would some one loan to you in the last minute knowing that you where unable to pay a friend back! The urgency in your posting also is a well known tactic to put pressure on the situation. Add how many people have been burnt on loans here and I think you are going to have to figure out a better way. You have anything people could hold in exchange for the loan?
  5. Not sure if this helps but its what I came across: - Click the bell on the upper right corner next to your profile photo it will say notifications. - On the upper right there will be Notification settings, click that - If you scroll down you will find "Someone I am following makes a post" It was one of the few features I had turned off by default I believe. That should fix the problem for you.
  6. Icodiscuss Pay to Post Forum

    Interesting and good timing, I am so ready to get into altcoins and will dabble here as well. Will go read the bitcointalk link first, cheers.
  7. Its under stalker settings. I keep forgetting to go look into how to alter my notifications, been going crazy since they altered the pay per post I think. Now I get notifications for everything. Really just wanted to accuse you of being a stalker and leave laughing though.
  8. Playing with somebody' strategy.

    If you are not making enemies you are not living authentically! People get pissed for misunderstandings and never get the issue sorted, others like the drama. Just do you and the rest will sort its self out.
  9. i wish there is poker in stake.com

    Unless this is considered a soft launch its not gaining traction anywhere but here. Its what some would call a circle jerk because the same money that was going into PD is now divided over two sites and not drawing fresh players at a big enough clip. Thats why I thought poker would be included, especially with the amount the site cost. There is a real soft spot in the market for poker since almost every bitcoin site is dropping the ball in some form or another. Seals does not take Apple users missing half their potential clients Nitro allows cheating and multi accounting at to high a clip Betcoin is a skin and has to many platform issues to draw people in All other bitcoin poker sites are to small. They create a platform like Nitros and police it even a little it would gain traction and become number one with in 3 months.
  10. OlegBarca's Stream #81-STAKE!!! Giveaways!

    good luck Oleg, unable to watch so keep me out of giveaways!
  11. Non Gambling Sites?

    Any interesting sites to visit, I have ran into a wall for ideas due to using twitter for everything. I check out sites like these: https://www.theatlantic.com/ https://www.economist.com/ https://www.wired.com/ http://freakonomics.com/ Looking for Altcoin review sites, pollitical banter, and psychology type spots. Or even sites that you enjoy to visit that are not gambling related.
  12. when do you know you have a gambling problem

    You basically know you have a problem if you ask yourself if you have a problem. There is enough of a issue for you to reflect on the problem and trigger thoughts on the issue. Will suggest that a gambling forum is not the place to ask if you have a problem or not, most reinforce that you do not have a issue or reverse and give no middle ground. If you think you have one, google and there is a checklist to compare against.
  13. Best thing you could do is go read the requirements and which forums pay and then go through history to see if it adds up. Quick glance at your posts I noticed a few in non paying sections. Will keep a eye on my own posts and see if I spot anything as well.
  14. Certain forums do not pay and you can look into that and see if you are actually missing or not. Mind you I think some issues cropped in when they froze payments for a bit, but I am not 100% sure.
  15. ETH VS LTC

    Litecoin has been in a spot where we kind of know where the roof is and its limitations. ETH seems to have room to wiggle and grow yet.